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Zupppy is an on-demand, last-mile, and tech-friendly marketplace with a concept to engage offline and online Home Vendors, Retailers, Entrepreneurs, and Suppliers to the end-users or customers on a singular platform/IOTs to eradicate inefficiencies across the transit and to bridge the information gap.

Home vendors, sellers and homemade

products are highly promoted.

Besides, the company claims to be highly affordable and easily susceptible, which is why it is a brilliant idea to sell or buy your items only at Zupppy. The company majorly support WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP, supporting female vendors

and home Sellers. More than 100 vendors have registered on our website and have added their products.

Meet the Foundation Pillars 

Vipul Ashawa is the CTO of the company and has over more than 12 years of experience in the software field along with. He has served as a Vice President in a company for more than three years, outpouring his skills and leadership quality.

Vipul Oshawa is the CTO of the company

Shubham Darak is the Chief Marketing Officer & Sales head of the company with youthful blood, mindset, making the environment generous for the young generation.

Shubham Darak is the Chief Marketing Officer & Sales head

They create business by connecting local vendors, home vendors, street vendors, entrepreneurs, medium and small scale enterprises, suppliers to their end-users.

Innovative Perception 

Zupppy explores every business, whether small or large, to expand its sales via the doorstep delivery model. There is no such economic vision of crossing the landmark of a figure or delivering a fixed number of products because the priority is to serve rather than earn.

The company procures every vendor with a portal without any subscription fees with so many features to manage their business and increase sales. They can add their products on their own with descriptions, chosen prices and other features they will get to know after registering their stores and accessing the portal.

The Unique Facet 

The firm furnishes complimentary registration to everyone who creates any homemade items like cakes, chocolates, art & craft, paintings, lamps, handmade hangings or anything. Zupppy is affordable and easily accessible, which is why it is a brilliant idea to sell or buy your items from here. 

Unlike another eCommerce marketplace, Zupppy is hassle-free for any vendor with documentation work and other legal formalities, without charging any subscription fees from the vendors.

The Idea Behind Zupppy

The fundamental idea behind Zupppy was to stimulate small businesses, local art to support small vendors. Also, women do household work of 5 hours 52 min daily and for which they even are not paid—women’s sacrifices their jobs, passions, and everything for their family. Zupppy has come with this idea where they can earn money from their passion being at home itself. 

Revenue and Fundings

Zupppy is currently bootstrapped and looking for investors and mentors.

Zupppy is an eCommerce marketplace business model where customers are coming to purchase the products, and buyers are coming to sell their products. It contains a team of 5 members constantly working towards a better tomorrow.

Into the Future

Zupppy aims to connect maximum home vendors and solopreneurs and small vendors so that they can get their right audience and can earn a decent living. People forget local art, small businesses in India and face a tough time in their survival. Thus, Zupppy aims to connect them with their end-users.

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