Your Brand Mate: Story Of A 23 Year Old CEO, From Freelancer To Founder Of An Agency

Your Brand Mate

As we see the world grow, the involvement of technology and connectivity is increasing day by day. Everyone here, big or small wants to have an online presence that is noticed and recognized by all. When it comes to brands, it is way more essential to stand out from its competitors. Just as we need the support of our friends and family to stay on track and make it good, brands also need a companion that can help them grow in the right direction and make it to their goal. Generally, this is hindered by the lack of compatibility between the company and its companion. That’s where Your Brand Mate comes to the rescue.

Bringing you the story of “Your Brand Mate” established on 22 February 2022. We will be seeing how it is proving to be the best companion of every brand they work with.

The Brain Behind Your Brand Mate

Pranjal Mishra is the founder and CEO of Your Brand Mate. His love for tech made him start this Agency at the age of 23. He comes from a tier-3 city, Jagdalpur, located in Chhattisgarh, India. He has completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science. He always had a keen interest in robotics and the tech-driven world since his school days. His interest in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) isn’t hidden from the people who know him.

Being a Nerd when it comes to tech, he has also worked as a freelancer from a young age. Eventually, he thought of transitioning from freelancing to starting an agency named “Your Brand Mate”. Pranjal isn’t your typical entrepreneur when it comes to serving the clients. He’s one of those kinds who’s always ready to assist the clients even at 3 AM. This passion and commitment towards delivering top-notch services are the reason why clients trust Your Brand Mate with their projects that scale to millions

Starting Small and Growing Strong

Your Brand Mate is a bootstraped B2B company that was started by Pranjal Mishra. They operate under the legal name of “Zillusion Private Limited”. They work on the designing part of the brands. They ensure that the work they deliver aligns with the brand’s goal and that their designs convey the message that is needed for the growth of their client. It did not have any huge investments when it started. In spite of this, they managed to achieve an outstanding annual revenue of around 30 to 35 lakhs INR In the financial year 2022-23. This revenue was achieved organically without the involvement of any marketing. As it proceeds to grow they are focusing on strategic marketing efforts to achieve greater heights.

Not Your Usual Design Agency

Your Brand Mate is a design-led agency that specializes in providing services like UI/UX designing, animation work, and product development. This makes it unique from other marketing agencies present in the market. The Healthcare and Health-tech sector is their primary focus for now as they are collaborating with tech startups. At present time healthcare and health-tech sectors form a significant proportion of 80% of its client list. The services offered by Your Brand Mate are

  • UI/UX Design
  • Branding
  • Animation/Videos
  • Product Demo Videos
  • Website
  • Web Apps/ Mobile Apps

Along with this, Your Brand Mate is also venturing into the world of VR and AR. They are also working on the process of streamlining the 360-degree and interactive services as part of their offering to the client.

A Team of Excellence

This is obvious that behind every successful agency or organization,
there’s a dedicated team, and Your Brand Mate is no exception, The Core
Team of Your Brand Mate consists of three individuals who lead the way
for other team members. There are 15 professionals working under them
including internal staff, contractors, and freelancers, each being
specialized in the skills they bring to the table.
When it comes to expanding the team, Pranjal has a unique and
uncommon approach. He feels it’s not necessary to have hundreds of
people working in a team, what matters is that if there are even only a
few people working, each should do the work with complete dedication
and they should know the minors to majors of the work they are assigned with. He is a person who is actually implementing “quality over quantity” in his work and services.

Developing And Not Just Growing

Your Brand Mate is not confined just to one location. They have offices in Bengaluru, Karnataka, and also in Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh, the hometown of Pranjal Mishra. The major part of the work is processed in the Bangalore-based office, while the skill-team operates from Jagdalpur. This highlights their commitment to making their services accessible even to clients coming from small towns. This signifies their vision of development along with growth.

Building A Client Base That Stays

Again emphasizing the phrase “Quality over Quantity” Your Brand Mate never compromises over quality when it comes to either delivering their services or building relationships with clients. Today, when most of the agencies working in the design and development space struggle to build good client relations, Your Brand Mate excels in this too. They believe in being patient and understanding when handling their clients. They give their clients the freedom to communicate on every aspect very freely and incorporate the suggestions. This client-first approach are making them every brand’s best companion.

Some More Stories

A Peek Into The Future

The story of Your Brand Mate proves that nothing is impossible when you have strong willpower and determination towards your goal. Pranjal Mishra’s vision along with his dedicated team and their innovative approach has transformed his freelancing services into an agency that is rapidly growing. As they continue to explore AR and VR with cutting-edge technologies, we can expect many more upcoming innovations and operations that Your Brand Mate will be offering in the future. Your Brand Mate, led by Pranjal Mishra, is a brand that’s going to stay, shaping the digital sector one pixel at a time, being your brand’s mate.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is the founder of Your Brand Mate?

The founder of Your Brand Mate is Pranjal Mishra, a 24-year-old entrepreneur.

2. When was Your Brand Mate Started?

Your Brand Mate was established on February 22, 2022.

3. Are Your Brand Mate and Zillusion Private Limited the same?

Your Brand Mate is the brand name of Zillusion Private Limited.

4. What are the services offered by Your Brand Mate?

Your Brand Mate offers a range of services, including UI/UX Design, Branding, Animation/Videos, Product Demo Videos, Website development, and Web Apps.

5. Where is Your Brand Mate’s office located?

Your Brand Mate has offices in Bengaluru, Karnataka, and Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh, India.


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