The Yarn Bazaar – Mumbai-based company threads bringing a change.

Yarn Bazaar

The Yarn Bazaar is a Mumbai-based company that aims to digitize the yarn industry. The company started in 2019. Its business model works via a website and Android and IOS mobile applications. It’s a complete platform for finding good quality yarns, getting the best price, and also dealers. Both buyers’ and sellers’ profiles need to be created on the platform. The buyer can post about his necessities, and compare prices from a catalog of sellers. He can then order accordingly. The buyer can even request a sample of the yarn and order a test report to track the superiority of the yarn. When both the buyer and seller get satisfied, the transaction takes place through the platform. The Yarn Bazaar charges an extra cost for the transactions. The platform has some popular mills enlisted like Grasim (Aditya Birla), Trident, Pallavaa, Sintex etc.

Conventional industries such as textiles have seen technological development in manufacturing procedures but obtaining, marketing, distribution, and sales are still outdated. It’s offline through phone calls and meetings which takes a lot of time and effort. The company’s idea is to disrupt this superfluous business practice and offer easy business.


Startup NameThe Yarn Bazaar
IndustryYarn Marketplace
HeadquarterMumbai, Maharashtra, India
FounderPratik Gadia

Founder: Pratik Gadia

Pratik Gadia, Founder and CEO of The Yarn Bazaar has completed his M.Sc. in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from the University of Warwick, UK. He laboured for over 5 years in his family business of manufacturing and selling fabrics. As a founder of the company, he believes in making a change in textiles.

Moto of the company :

“It’s time to change.”


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  3. Huaxianbang
  4. Eastman Staples


What does The Yarn Bazaar do?

    The Yarn Bazaar is an online market for yarns. It allows textile companies to find out yarn prices, information, people, market trends, and more.

    Who is the Founder of The Yarn Bazaar?

    Pratik Gadia is the founder of The Yarn Bazaar.

    When was The Yarn Bazaar founded?

    The Yarn Bazaar was founded in the year 2019.

    Where is The Yarn Bazaar based?

    The Yarn Bazaar is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra.


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