Wylo – A New Kind Of Social Network To Explore Your Interests In The Easiest Way

Wylo is a Chennai-based social networking startup that redefines how people find, connect, and collaborate through its mobile application. Wylo allows people to connect with similar-minded folks and explore content across the internet based on their interests simply and effectively.

The basic idea of the app is unique as it catches the attention of the users instantly. Most social media networking apps are all about chatting, image and video sharing, and many such activities. But, Wylo lets you build real connections with people sharing your interests.

About the Startup

Wylo, an interest-based social networking mobile app, was initiated in August 2020. It is now available on both Play and App stores in India.

As per the team, Wylo strives to assist people in having a more sophisticated view of their interests and how to follow them in the future. The company helps people learn, grow and connect easily with its various features embedded in the app.

The Founder And His Proposition

Omnath Premnath is the Founder and CEO of the Social Networking App, Wylo. Omnath realized the desire for such an interest-based social networking platform when he was about to graduate as an Electronics engineer.

When we asked him about his entrepreneurship journey, he said, “I studied Electronics for four years. And it was during my graduation I realized I never had an interest in Electronics. Instead, I was more into programming, and it took me some time to realize that.”

He further stated it was a hardship that he found quite widespread amongst others in his batch and people in general. So, Omnath dug deep into the issue and understood that lack of exposure and connection with the right people are the primary reasons. That was how Omnath set himself to bridge the gap between people and their interests.

Omnath then highlighted that the core problem was that people required an organized way to find the right people and content to explore their interests easily. That’s how he started ideating Wylo, an application that would organize the internet based on individual interests.

He planned to develop the application, having everything from flourishing people to top content contained under specific topics. All that the users would need to do is find their areas of interest and join their community to the glory. And that was how Wylo, aka What You LOve, came into existence.

Imagine. Two developers could meet in a community within Wylo and plan their next application or, two or more travellers could plan their next hike to a mountain. The only limit is how far people can go.

How is Wylo Different?

● A Whole Lot Under One App:

Wylo has everything from communities to people and content related to one’s interests. So for users, it is easy to explore anything about their interests in one app.

● Exploration Made Easier:

In Wylo, everything is organized based on interests. So users can find the right community, people, and content easily without much hassle and effort.

● Discover Your Interests:

Interest Patterns is a novel feature that is yet-to-be accessible. It will help users understand their interests through graphs and stats based on where and how they spend their time on the app.

● Control In User’s Hands:

With Interest Patterns and various filters that are present now, users can almost completely control what they see on the platform. It means you can switch between various communities and content types as a user.

Challenges Encountered

Talking about problems that he faced as a founder, he told us that he was no different from other founders out there in the market. It’s recruiting the right talents with similar beliefs and sharing the passion for getting jobs accomplished. Omnath Premnath continued to say that he is lucky to have a young team of like-minded folks who share his pride and burden.

Into The Future

Currently, the team behind Wylo is focusing on rolling out new features and enriching their user experience. Meanwhile, they are also working on bringing in more users and getting Wylo across the masses.

With the path now clear, Omnath and his team have a long way to go from here on. And they are quite excited about it.

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