World’s First O2O Social Commerce Marketplace App.

World’s First O2O Social Commerce Marketplace App | Karo Startup | Inspiring Startup Stories

MYNYFY O2O model helps the patrons to spot that neighborhood merchant is providing the most effective worth, best offers during a location sitting reception, and visit that seller’s offline store solely to buy the merchandise. MYNYFY helps offline retail sellers with instant on-line visibility, therefore ready to create each prospective emptor from each corner as their client. It is straightforward to use a mobile app with no catalog management as there ought not to showcase the product within the app and get it completed at the seller’s offline store. A merchant will give home delivery if they need to.

With Social Commerce, emptor will be a part of an existing associate cluster or produce a gaggle and type it with people that have constant interest from a location. They’ll share this cluster over social media platforms to induce fellow cluster members. Cluster shopping for sure helps each seller & and buyers get reciprocally benefited.

Time & Effort to physically visit every store is reduced for an emptor. Since the acquisition is completed offline, bit & feel searching expertise is improved and also the validity and legitimacy of the vendor & product square measure gained by the customer.

 The fourth section of the lockdown in India, commencing from May 18, brought with it many relaxations, particularly within the quality and e-commerce sectors. Most giant e-commerce and supplying corporations have resumed their services – together with deliveries of non-essential things – with red zones being the sole exception. Even if quality restrictions are mitigating to associate extent, the govt. has been recommending folks to remain home to curb additional unfold of the coronavirus or a minimum of minimizing the time they pay outdoors

Helping To Limit the Exposure to the Virus

Hyderabad-based Mynyfy could be a start-up, by optimizing the method of searching, helps voters limit their exposure to the virus. Its enterprise app could be a platform wherever users will transfer their searching lists, in conjunction with their location, to supply quotes from varied sellers.

 The backend and evaluates the list compare costs checks availableness and affords suggestions of retailers wherever the things are often buying from offline. Mynyfy aims to create the method of shopping for things fast and easier, which is very helpful immediately as a result of the coronavirus pandemic because it helps patrons procure all things on their list from stores that have a minimum of most – if not all – things available.

The order then becomes visible to native sellers listed on the platform. The United Nations agency will challenge worth details and availableness of things. Once finalized, the user will decide his or her order up from the shop. Social commerce aside from the net to offline model. The Mynyfy app offers the choice of ‘group buying,’.Wherever patrons will either be a part of an existing associate cluster. Or produce a gaggle with users in and around their neighborhoods. United Nations agency may additionally have an analogous getting wants.

Bulk Shopping is Done

Through these teams, users will place bulk orders and establish the most effective merchant around them. This can be advantageous for each buyer and seller because it brings bulk demand for the properties. Whereas purchasers get their product at a reduced worth.  Vikram explains that since the model needs the purchasers to go to the look to create the acquisition. The cluster creator or the admin is in no method accountable for paying the quantity for the products. Since everybody has got to visit the shop several. Profit for native sellers an enormous advantage for sellers. Accomplishment themselves on the app is that they gain online visibility now. At no further price to them.

Mynyfy, in step with Vikram, most Kiranas, further as brick-and-mortar stores, don’t list themselves. Like on Flipkart, Amazon, or the other e-commerce portal. Even once there’s the additional price in it for them. As a result of the method of onboarding is tedious. Sellers ought to catalog each item in their store, publish their business line, and use advanced inventory management applications. All of that makes the whole ordeal a touch discouraging for them. Register for Newsletters to explore our in-style newsletters and subscribe. “The native stores’ square measure typically managed by the homeowners in conjunction with perhaps one or 2 helps. Therefore, online orders, that need them to rearrange for packaging. Of the products, logistics, refund, cancellation, etc., become troublesome for them.

The method can even deduct their time to tend to the regular offline customers. And therefore they are doing not need to hamper their ancient line of business,” he says.

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