World Pharmacist Day 2020 – Celebrate Pharmacy Globally

World Pharmacist Day 2020 – Celebrate Pharmacy Globally | Karo Startup

Today marks World Pharmacist Day. World Pharmacist Day is celebrated on 25 September every year to emphasise insight about the importance and position of a pharmacist and a day devoted to pharmacists. They are honoured for their tribute towards a world where everyone is afforded access to safe, effective, quality, and affordable medicines and health technologies.

Many people, along with students, wonder why Pharmacist Day is celebrated on September 25?

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), the universal federation of national associations of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists, came into existence on September 25, 1912. The FIP Council in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2009 proposed contemplating Nv the Pharmacist Day on September 25 because on this day FIP came into validity.

International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) | Karo Startup

Hence, we celebrate World Pharmacist Day on September 25. World Pharmacists Day is celebrated to promote their devotion to organising activities that facilitate and endorse the role of the pharmacist in boosting health in all fractions of the world.

The main aim of this day is to encourage the role and activities of the pharmacist in improving health.

Like World Health Day, the theme changes each year: this year it is “Transforming global health“. The organisation declares openly a different theme every year so that organisations and individuals in the pharmaceutical industry can organise a nationwide march or particular projects to showcase their extraordinary work in boosting and improving the health of the community around the world. This specific day aims to showcase pharmacists and their optimistic effects on health. It is celebrated with rampant campaigns and small-scale projects.

Chores done by a Pharmacist

  • Supply quality medicines to the patients.
  • Guarantee Patients’ Safety.
  • Make sure that the medication prescribed to patients is adequate.
  • Instructing patients about medications.
Chores done by a Pharmacist | Karo Startup

Playing a pivotal role to minimise the adverse impact of the pandemic.

Heretofore the start of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) outburst in December 2019, Pharmacists have always been deemed as frontline workers, but especially amid COVID-19. In the battle against COVID-19, our defence is the healthcare system and our soldiers, healthcare professionals, which certainly include pharmacists. Pharmacists have not ceased working because of COVID-19 and in fact, have amplified to take on more responsibilities. Their efforts should not be forgotten when frontline workers are praised once this global pandemic ends, but without question, should not be overlooked in the present, when their frontline efforts are still needed to fight COVID-19. Pharmacists are frontline workers; they should be honoured as such, and given the tribute, they deserve. Pharmacists worldwide are tinkering a pivotal role in adopting innovative strategies to minimise the unfavourable impact of the pandemic.

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is the undisputed body representing over 4 million pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists. They work to meet the world’s health care needs. FIP is a non-governmental organisation that has been in official relations with the World Health Organization since 1948.

We aim to show how pharmacists contribute to a world where everyone benefits from access to safe, effective, quality and affordable medicines and health technologies, as well as from pharmaceutical care services,” said FIP President Dominique Jordan.

Fip President Dominique Jordan | Karo Startup

Hyderabad Headquartered Online Pharmacy and E-health Startup MetroMedi aims to be a Unified Healthcare Platform

Dilip C Byra established his startup, MetroMedi, with a purpose to address some of the dilemmas besetting this coming-of-age industry. MetroMedi is an online pharmacy and e-health mart that fulfills healthcare desires like medicines, health foods, health check-ups, medical apparatus, and other health products. The way MetroMedi chores is simple: patients share their prescription with MetroMedi’s equipped healthcare assistants through WhatsApp, call, or email, and the MetroMedi staff provides the medication to them on a recurring cycle. MetroMedi is proposing more than just medicine delivery. It is a forum that assists patients with automatically refill their prescriptions, recommends healthy foods, and educates users with health tips.

MetroMedi | Karo Startup

Startups like MetroMedi glimpse expanded adoption in the country. So far, the Hyderabad-based startup has completed over 100,000 orders with a 99 percent medication fill rate.

Our team of healthcare assistants are trained on health products we offer and also core values such as empathy, customer obsession, and getting things done,” Maruthi tells.

A Unified Healthcare Platform

SRL Diagnostics | Karo Startup

With its purpose to become a unified health platform, MetroMedi also commenced offering diagnostics by partnering with SRL Diagnostics and DoctorsC. MetroMedi fulfills approximately 800 orders a day, attains customers at 75 percent less cost than its competitors, has 60 percent monthly repeat customers, and is accumulating at 20 percent month-on-month. MetroMedi can provide orders in 24-48 hours because of their powerful coalitions with distributors. It is also looking to build its first omnichannel health store industry focused on Tier-II and Tier-III cities.

Thank your local pharmacist for all the work they do.

We wish all our pharmacists a Happy World Pharmacist Day! We appreciate all that they do for the patients daily!

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