Guide To Build An Impartial Workplace For Women

Combining the PoSH Act with a company’s framework and rules for adherence is only half of the work done to produce a more protected workplace for females. Taking actions to ensure and implement women’s safety in the workplace is a robust and effective solution. 

Providing infrastructural conveniences such as upgraded surveillance for security, female cab drivers, late-night shuttle service are some developments in the work culture. Yet, changing mindsets is the crucial solution. Few reasonable steps for creating a more protected environment are as follows:

Generate and Spread Awareness

Employees, both female and male, must be instructed about behavioural constructs and generating the right culture which supports female safety. Female employees must be continually instructed on the PoSH Act and familiar with their jurisdictions, power, and constituents. This will help them understand if they are receiving improper behaviour and raise a complaint to the relevant authority. 

Constant surveys must be performed in the firms for women employees to receive their feedback on working conditions. Training female employees on how to protect themselves when external help is absent is essential. Female employees must know the way to escalate any uncomfortable circumstance they unexpectedly find themselves in.

Implement a Zero-tolerance Rule 

A firm’s reputation improves worldwide when it implements strict policies for the employees. HR professionals, employers, and others in leadership duties in a firm should make attempts to implement and institute a zero-tolerance policy to stop sexual harassment. Such a rule must be circulated among all employees in writing. 

Yearly training programs for the employees must also be conducted to generate awareness on this subject. A specific policy that indicates intense corrective action for anyone found at fault must be circulated firm-wide.

Encourage Openness among Women and an attitude of Entrepreneurship

Imposing policies and educational conferences are helpful, but a system or a process promoting power equality in the firm needs to be introduced. The adverse incidents’ occurrence will be reduced. Offering dynamic projects and roles to females where they get more power, recognition, and responsibility can help boost their status and confidence within the firm. 

Women and an attitude of Entrepreneurship

Global female leaders across the world can be requested to speak at seminars(webinars) to encourage women and make them realise their potential and about how much they can accomplish professionally and personally.

Establish a Powerful Internal Committee

Employers must set up a solid Internal Complaints Committee comprising senior managers, board members, etc., that carefully investigates and suggests conclusive action in all affairs concerning the safety of female workers on the job. 

The ICC needs to be regarded as fair by both female and male employees, and it must also be free of any partiality towards gender, the rank of the employee, and so. This official mechanism can at times seem like an intimidating institution for specific victims. Thus, some organisations might think beyond ICCs.

women in workplace

Integrate Educational programs for the Male 

Employees Committees and policies to increase women’s safety are helpful, but complete safety can be instituted in a firm only when the leading cause of the issue is fixed. This can be accomplished by continuous training and sensitisation for male employees to conduct themselves while working with the female employees. 

An illustration program will help them realise what forms of harassment with the aim that there should not be any vagueness as to what proper workplace etiquette is. Listing of Dos and Don’ts must be created, program tests and guides must also be accessible to all male employees. Often, they indulge in gender-based harassment or discrimination because of unconscious biases. Such training programs will help them flee from gender biases and stereotypes which mostly lead.


Considering the above-listed ways, you can create an unbiased work environment for female workers and encourage a better world. Implement these rules of thumb to offer your female employees a better and relaxed work environment.

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