Workforce transformation skills provider Nuvepro launches ebook on role of hands-on labs in bridging skills gap

Bangalore, June 20, 2023: Nuvepro, a leading provider of workforce transformation solutions, has launchedits first ebook on learning and development.

Titled‘Revolutionizing L&D: The Role of Hands-On Learning in Bridging Skills Gap,’ the ebook explores the current landscape of enterprises and presents innovative solutions to bridge the skills gap in organizations.

Co-authored by Shivpriya R. Sumbha, Head of Digital Marketing, and Anisha K. Sreenivasan, Content Strategist at Nuvepro, the book delves into the current upskilling trends followed by organizations, emphasizing the importance of learning in the flow of work. With a focus on practicality and hands-on experience, the ebook presents a fascinating case study from a technological landscape, demonstrating the effectiveness of learning in real-life scenarios.

In recent years, the increasing pace of technological advancements and digital transformation has led to a significant skill gap in enterprises across various industries. This gap arises due to the rapid evolution of technology, which often outpaces the ability of the workforce to adapt and acquire new skills.Globally, skill upgradation is a top priority for C-suite enterprises. To stay competitive in a rapidly changing economy, they actively invest in training programs, workshops, and certifications. By equipping their workforce with the latest skills and knowledge, they navigate emerging technologies and industry trends successfully.

Giridhar L. V, CEO at Nuvepro, stated, “We are excited to share our expertise and insights through this ebook. It serves as a guide for organizations striving to bridge the skills gap and unlock the true potential of their workforce. We believe hands-on learningis pivotal in transforming L&D and preparing employees for success.”

“Revolutionizing L&D: The Role of Hands-On Learning in Bridging Skills Gap” is a must-read for L&D professionals, HR leaders, and executives seeking to enhance their organization’s capabilities and drive sustainable growth.

About the Authors:

Shivpriya R. Sumbha, Head of Digital Marketing at Nuvepro Technologies,has been a certified Marketer for the past seven years. Shivpriya started her career as a writer, slowly progressing towards skilling herself in digital and Portfolio Marketing. Shivpriya has also served as a Founder and CEO of a Mumbai-based marketing agency. Over the past few years, she has worked with top brands like Keventers, HDFC, Raymond’s, Phantom Productions, and Nestle for their performance and branding campaigns.Shivpriya has been working with Nuvepro Technologies for more than a year now.

Co-author, Anisha Sreenivasan, has had a lifelong passion for writing. With experience in crafting content for various clients, she now serves as a content strategist at Nuvepro, working with the marketing team where she contributes her skills to develop compelling content that resonates with the target audience.

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About Nuvepro Technologies: is a leading provider of innovative workforce transformation solutions. With a focus on making workforces skilled and project-ready, offers hands-on learning experiences through interactive labs and real-world scenarios. By empowering organizations with practical skills, helps bridge the skills gap and drive success.


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