Work2zone Is One Of The Best Coworking Spaces With A Conducive Environment In The Heart Of The City With All The Amenities.

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The coworking spaces are very much popular these days. Businesspersons prefer shared office spaces for a perfect workspace environment, maximum work productivity, knowledge sharing, networking and learning. It is a shared type of working environment where people from different professional backgrounds work together. 

Here you don’t have to pay the rent of the whole office. You can work here by just paying the rent of seats you use. Some of the primary reasons for its popularity are vital infrastructure, provision of modern amenities, efficient transportation system, millennial culture, networking opportunities, among others.

Enters Work2Zone, designed to provide a facilitative environment for startups, young professionals and established organisations.

Meet the Founders

Anupam Gupta, pursuing his entrepreneurial journey since 2016, is an HR Professional, having done dual post-graduation. His passion for career avenues made him delve into career counselling.

Anupam Gupta

Having counselled more than 2,000 students till date, over the last four years, and myriad parents and guardians, with their interrogations about one of the most critical decisions, that is, which career to choose ahead for their child as the process is indeed a lengthy and a not so easy one.

However, it is only the things that are difficult, are also usually the most rewarding.  The complete scope of satisfaction in helping children choose suitable careers is phenomenal. Anupam has carved a niche for himself in this domain and is sought after counsellors catering to professionals, business families and bureaucrats in his experience day.

His latest investment in the co-working space domain has been designed, keeping in mind the startup’s needs through his learnings over his startup journey. This venture has been strived to keep in mind the diverse needs of the young working professionals having great dreams yet lacking the basic infrastructure to fulfil them.

Avinash Kumar

The same is operated under the able leadership of Mr Avinash Kumar, an experienced professional having diverse experience across sales and marketing domains. Avinash has brought with his immense technical knowledge.

He works as a co-founder at Work2Zone and heads the digital marketing for the same in addition to operations handling. Avinash is a certified life and entrepreneurship coach, having guided multiple startups in the domains of marketing and sales enhancement.

Co-working Space Market

While still in its nascent stage, India’s coworking space industry is promptly emerging as a driving force behind its commercial real estate sector. According to a JLL report, the space leased in 2018 increased two-fold to 3.9 million sq. ft. from 1.9 million sq. ft. in 2017. The growth trend is expected to continue, and the area of coworking space leased across India is expected to reach 10 million sq. ft. in 2020.

Initially, the trend was steered by the rise of startups looking for plug and play office spaces to lessen operating costs while looking for more flexibility. As these coworking spaces’ benefits became noticeable, larger global firms have started to go for the coworking model as they expand to new markets across geographies.

Flexible Workspace Solution

Formerly operating by the name of Peer2Desk, it has now been revamped as Work2Zone with a fresh new allure and closely following the precautions and protocols of Covid-19.

Work2Zone has been formulated to procure its clientele with a conducive environment for startups, untrained professionals and established organisations. With proper safety measures like segregated washrooms, sanitised workstations and ample natural light and ventilation, space has been designed as per the Vastu compliances and guidelines.

With proximity from two metro stations, both at a distance of about 400 metres, getting here is no trouble at all. It is located on the main Palam Gurgaon road and having proximity to Sector-1 Dwarka; it’s well suited for professionals and start-ups operating out of both Delhi as well as Gurugram.

Space boasts of a sitting capacity of nearly 100 available seats plus, additional 50 seats that are being developed, along with the facilities of lift, conference room, bay type sitting with ample overhead storage in addition to separate cabins for young entrepreneurs, a fully air-conditioned environment, 24×7 power backup, tea and coffee vending machines and basic A4 printing facilities.

The company also provides flexible workstations that can be booked one day in advance at nominal rates.

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