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Women Entrepreneur Converting 4 Lakh Rupees Investment to an Award-Winning Counseling Company

Women Converting 4 Lakh Rupees Investment to an Award-winning Counseling Company
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Pune-based Manisha Bhati belongs from a family where girls are meant to be killed when they are born, where they are not meant to study, where they have to get married when they cross 18. Manisha was the youngest among her five sisters here parents married every daughter of theirs but Manisha thought her parents loved her the most so maybe she would be allowed to work on her dreams. but they got her married too.

She was getting tortured and was suffering from physical abuse because she asked her inlaws to allow her to study.

One day Bhati decided to pursue her dreams and leave everything behind. She worked on herself and in her second try she finally got a job at  Deutsche Bank. She worked there for a long period of time. Although she knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur. The teaching framework of hers in the teaching field served her in understanding that people of all ages were lacking soft skills.

“I saw there wasn’t a platform where people could address these issues in a personal way,” -Manisha says

She thought of creating a platform, she wanted to start a counseling and development company to help people with career counseling, personal and professional development. But things did not come easy when she decided to start her own business.

Her financial background was such that she did not have a large amount in which she could invest in the business. She was unable to qualify a loan, Manisha also had an aging father who she didn’t want to burden by asking for money. But her dream required funding.

One day, she decided she would sell off her jewelry to fund the business. Though it was a tough decision, it was one which bore fruit. She was able to raise Rs 4 lakh by selling her gold. She also met her business partner Shridhar Waghmare at Deutsche Bank. They apprehended that they shared a goal to boost the personal and professional skills of individuals.

This was enough to start a counseling and development enterprise named Dreamhunt India in 2017. A special model Perhaps the name ‘Dreamhunt’ wasn’t restricted to her future clients who came to develop their skills in order to hunt their dreams. The brand name itself symbolized, in some sense, Manisha selling her gold and starting her own hunt towards the dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. And success has certainly come through Dreamhunt’s unique model. A-Brands of India Awards winner in the Education category, Dreamhunt does one-on-one counseling and development sessions where they go with clients for movies, walks, and other fun activities. And this is not limited to youngsters, clients range all the way from 15 to over 40 years old.

According to Shridhar, spending time together helps build a personal connection. “By engaging with clients outside the traditional counseling environment, we build a unique and strong relationship,” he says, “and this helps clients gain trust in them. This is critical to success in our one-on-one counseling and development courses.” Ahead of the curve, Dreamhunt stands out from other counseling and development enterprises.

Shridhar had thought of the model when he was studying the competition prior to Dreamhunt’s 2017 launch. At that time, he had seen that group sessions were common. He says, “I saw a large difference between personal and group coaching. When organizations try to help people in a group, it is challenging to build a personal connection with them. So, we decided to have a model where we constantly stayed in touch with our clients on a one-on-one level.”

About Dream Hunt Services

 It probably takes a while getting used to going to the movies with your personal development counselor. However, there are regular sessions in traditional counseling environments too. For each of these sessions, Dreamhunt charges clients between Rs 2,000 and Rs 2,500. The business recommends that each person take at least 12-15 sessions. This works out to over Rs 24,000, and in some cases, touches Rs 40,000, the entrepreneurs say. But group models are more lucrative for any business. Shridhar personally handles most of the one-on-one sessions, while Manisha focusses on group counseling and development workshops. Manisha says a major reason for doing counseling and development for groups is that existing government models are not up to the mark.

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