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Why Every Startup Founder Is A Meditator?

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Building a corporate office, with employees having the sharpest minds is much easier. But the harder task is to build a work culture where everyone would love to work. Such a work culture is led by a leader who is mindful, humane, and balanced. These monk-like qualities can only be developed with a meditation retreat. Otherwise, a leader without these qualities is walking to a road of misery. 

This is the reason why every successful CEO and startup founder is a meditator. If you wish to reach your maximum potential and find the best version of yourself you must meditate.

“Meditation is focusing of the mind to achieve mental clarity and emotional stability.”

Meditation is a gradual process of training your mind to maintain focus and empower the subconscious mind. This practice is not synonymous with any culture, religion, or tradition. One common secret of every successful human is they meditate to get ahead in life.

The Science behind Meditation

Studies show that people who meditate have a higher level of gyrification in their brains. Gyrification is a process in which the folds of the cerebral cortex define themselves. A higher level of gyrification shows greater cognitive performance. This increased cognitive performance is linked with faster thinking and grasping of knowledge. Also, long-term meditation helps the gyrification process reach its peak. This concept proves how meditation is beneficial for entrepreneurs.

During meditation, heart rate is reduced to bring a stage where all the body organs can relax. The physical body relaxes in a state similar to sleep. While the mind remains conscious of all its thoughts. The biological change that meditation brings is related to a hormone called cortisol. Meditation triggers this hormone and lowers the cortisol levels which cause a destressing effect in the body.

How Meditation Is Beneficial For Entrepreneurs?

 In this constantly upgrading world, we hustle around the clock to stay in the race. This mental pressure can cause productivity loss in the long run. Many people consider having their spiritual journey after their retirement. Every successful CEO and startup founder is a meditator because of its benefits which are backed with science.

According to reports, 8 out of every 10 corporate leaders agree that they practice morning meditation to maintain a work-life balance.

You’ll surely take the first step of your spiritual journey after reading the benefits of meditation.

• Reduces Stress

The World Health Organization has regarded stress as a global epidemic. Every stakeholder of a business has its kind of stress. Using meditation for stress is common practice that is performed in corporate spaces.

Stress results in increased levels of cortisol which can trigger disorders like anxiety, depression, hypertension, and insomnia in the future. All these counter effects of stress can be suppressed by practicing meditation for stress.

• Increases Emotional Intelligence

Researchers have found that meditation techniques help cultivate emotional intelligence. It is the ability to recognize and properly label your emotions and feelings and those of others. This skill can be developed by practicing meditation which helps improves adaptability and decision-making skills.

It’s a vital skill an entrepreneur requires to survive in the business world. The future age demands emotionally intelligent workers, leaders, and employees. This skill will form a competitive edge for humans over artificial intelligence in the future.

“Morning meditation decreases emotional reactivity so you can proactively create your day and create your life versus just being a walking reflex that sometimes screws up.”

• Enhances Creativity

A creative person is capable of divergent thinking which helps one find multiple solutions to a problem. To enhance creativity a mind should be focused and clear. A focused mind is nurtured by a meditation retreat. A relaxed state of mind helps a startup founder get that ‘aha moment’ that can change the future of the startup.

“Meditation fosters Creativity”

• Improves Focus And Cognitive Function

A human brain is designed to wander about 50% of the time in a day. But an entrepreneur’s brain cannot afford to be distracted when it has so many goals to achieve. Practicing meditation especially morning meditation can extend the ability to focus without getting distracted.

Along with increased focus, meditation techniques promote cognitive thinking which helps the mind gain more knowledge and retain it for a longer time.

Brilliant Things Happen In Calm Minds

If you ever turn to an old entrepreneur for a bit of advice, he might tell you to meditate to get ahead in life. The wildest of storms are handled by a calm mind. And such a mind practices meditation. There is no step-by-step guide to practice meditation. You have to just sit in a silent space and concentrate on your breathing patterns. Making sure you don’t judge or stop the thoughts that cross your mind.

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