Why A Startup Founder Should Master The Art Of Selling?

You have a great product, a great idea, a great service and a great market fit. But you’re sales are not growing as expected? Then, you’re definitely selling it in the wrong way.

“Sell the problem you solve, not the product”

Every businessman is a salesman at heart. Hence, mastering the art of selling is inescapable for every early start up founder. It’s a skillset you can master at any point of time. If you think that you’ll only work in the area of your expertise and assign someone else for handling the sales. You are about to create blunders for yourself.

Sales can be delegated but never be ignored. As a startup founder you must know how to sell your vision along with your product. It’s never only about the customers. Selling is a skill put to use while speaking to anyone. From vendors, acquaintances, venture capitalists and investors. It’s not just about selling the product or the pitch; it’s about creating an influence that never loses its strength.

Understanding the Psychology behind Selling

For mastering the art of selling one must first learn about the psychology behind it. How do you actually sell your product without actually selling it?

The psychology of selling is based on five principles:

  • Dropping the enthusiasm

If you sound over excited than the person you are pitching. Whether it is your audience, vendor or a prospect (customer). You are going to sound unreal and scammy. Maintaining a poised and balanced state of mind is important. High levels of confidence won’t help if your pitching content is not thoughtful.

  • Empathy

The psychology of selling is deeply related to empathy. You can be empathetic about the prospect by relating and imagining the problems, feelings, and reactions of the prospect. You must remember, it’s never about you. It’s all about the prospect!

  • Build a great user experience

When you build a product or service from an idea, you must imagine the product with the customer. How will the life of the customer change by my product? What thoughts will he/she have while using it? Will they think of buying it again? When these questions are satisfied by the product, selling becomes easier.

“If most businesses will focus on the user experience rather than working on self-interest, everything will transform”

  • Not sounding salesy

When you approach a customer for selling your product, initially he/she will be skeptical. It’s you who has to win their trust and give them clarity about what you’re offering. According to the psychology of selling, the chances of the customer accepting your product increases, if you pitch without pressurising the customer. .

  • Pitch to cause customer action

First you must be sure that you believe enoughin the product to sell it to anyone. Because you sell your vision along with your product and that’s what an entrepreneur does.A salesperson should always have a helpful approach. You must pitch not with the features of your product. Rather you must force the prospect to think in the direction you wish. And when the direction leads to the action of purchase. There is your perfect pitch!

“Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her solves a problem or achieves a goal, not of selling a product or service”

Brian Tracy
(Author of the Psychology of Selling)

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