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Where Are You Losing Track?

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Feedback is easy to give but difficult to receive. But to be a good leader, employee feedback survey is a crucial part as it let you know that was you are doing wrong.

When we speak of workplace feedback, the image comes in our mind as a manager sharing feedback to its employee. Still, the sharing of feedback from employees to managers is equally essential.

You are the boss, and it’s your responsibility to support and challenge your team. To do that effectively, you need to know that you are promoting and challenging your employees in the right way of making a wrong impression on your team. You need to know what you do well to build on it and where your weakness is so you can improvise it. In short, you need employee feedback.

Feedback from employees to managers | Karo Startup
Source: Compass Workforce Solutions

Benefits of Employee Feedback

When employees feel comfortable and free to share their views and feedback, you can see notable changes in the operation.

Following Changes, You Can Expect From Effective Feedback in the Workplace:-

  1. Improved performance at all level
  2. Increasing employee engagement
  3. Scatter office conflicts before they happen
  4. Giving your employee something they wanted from ages.
Trusting Employees | Karo Startup

Sometimes employees are afraid to criticize their manager or the company as they fear impact. A manager needs to change this perspective and build a culture of trust and transparency where all feedback and criticism are welcome. Here are some tips to encourage feedback from employees to managers.

The best way to get candid feedback from your team is to make a culture of open and honest communication.

Start this by showing a real interest in how your people do, what’s causing them problems, and how you’ll help. Ask questions that will assist you to gauge how your employees feel about their environment, workload, and productivity.

The most useful thing to engage your employees to you and gain their trust is to be genuine with them. It includes admitting to your shortcomings and saying, “I’m sorry” if an apology is needed. Being honest will encourage your employees to speak and share opinions more openly.

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