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Wellness Forever- Pioneering in Evolving the Existing ‘Behind The Counter’ Pharmacy Format to a Combination Format

Wellness Forever
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The pharmacy business in India has unfolded. There is a considerable transformation. There is a massive recourse for an organised chain coming into this country, opening up stores, prepping things, and there is a big window of growth available in the organised pharmacy sector in our country. Wellness Forever was established in 2008 by entrepreneurs Gulshan Bakhtiani, Ashraf Biran, and Mohan Chavan who come with a communal experience of over 100 years of operating good pharmacies.

Since its origin, the company claims to substantiate 35 per cent growth y-o-y with more than 4,000 workers, of which 800 are competent pharmacists. It claims to have over one million loyal paid customers. Three first-generation entrepreneurs’ Wellness Forever has 150 stores, operating out of 3 states, and expecting to be around 500 stores by 2021. They are mentored & supported by respected business leaders from corporations such as the Allana Group, Patni Group, Poonawalla Group & Thakral Corporation.

Wellness Forever’s Unique Feature

The biggest differentiator is that this startup is always acquiring advanced technology. If a customer visits their pharmacy at the click of a button, they will know what stocks are available, what is the expiry, and the current quantity available.

If in case a particular medicine which is not available in their store, they, at a click of a button they can see the stocks in all their 150 stores and supervise the patient accordingly from where he can go and collect it, or they collect that stock from that particular store and make it available to the customer.

Their stores operate 24×7, and they also have an omnichannel hyperlocal presence that provides the customers with the amenity of reaching them through a mobile app, website, call centre, and WhatsApp as they believe that their consumers should get the right medicine on time, every time.

The journey so far The lifestyle and pharmacy chain presently has an impression of 200 stores evaluated in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa, and plans to scale it up to 1,000 stores over the next three years.

Bakhtiani exemplifies that this accumulation will continue to be confined to these states, via company-owned and franchise stores, after which it expects significant confederation activity to take place at the regional level.

For the ongoing fiscal, Wellness Forever has clocked a revenue of over Rs 1,000 crore. Pharmacy retail chain Wellness Forever has raised Rs 130 crore from UAE-based Allana Group, Adar Poonawalla, and other existing investors, including banker Rajiv Dadlani and venture capitalist Sajid Fazalbhoy. Wellness Forever will utilize the funds for store expansion, bolstering its highly profitable personal label brands under its associate Amore, and invest more in e-commerce.

Future Plans

Wellness Forever Stores

By 2021-2022 Wellness Forever would like to be a pan India pharmacy chain, having more than 10,000 family members working in our company. They will always use the most cutting edge of technology to bring the best service and satisfaction index for our customers across all our stores. This is an enormous endeavour from the company, and they will strive their level best to see that people get the best services from their stores.

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