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Today on 7th August 2020, we are celebrating the 6th National Handloom Day across the country. The first National Handloom day was celebrated in 2015 by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

This day is celebrated to honor the weaving community and to bring light on the contribution of this industry to the socio-economic development of India. We are going to highlight some handloom startups on this occasion.


Karagiri is a Pune-based startup founded in July 2017 by the duo of husband-wife which connects weavers from all parts of the country and their product is not just delivered in India but across the world.

This startup gives opportunities to more than 150 local and rural weavers from Banaras, Bagalkot, Yeola, and Dharmavaram and delivers their silk sarees across the globe.



Aditri meaning – Goddess Laxmi in Sanskrit, is a lifestyle e-commerce startup started in 2018. It is a Delhi-based startup by Pratima. This e-commerce startup sells, sarees, jewelry and handmade art and crafts.

Under this startup, they train women from underprivileged families in West Bengal in the art of weaving and stitching. Business is growing in the international market with 60% orders from the US, the UK and Canada.

This year’s business target is a minimum of Rs 1 crore in gross revenue.  Each and every product is handmade and by artists across states in India.  

Team Karo Startup is wishing you all National Handloom Day and expecting more handloom startup in the coming years.

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