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This global pandemic makes us realize the importance of a country’s economy and self-dependency. Our Prime Minister requested the citizens of India to buy local products and contribute towards India’s growth through the “Vocal for Local” campaign.

He also mentioned startup entrepreneurs to make the nation self-sufficient by producing as much as local products so that we don’t need to import from other countries. This also contributes to the economy of India which is going towards a recession phase due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This outbreak made us realize the value of local manufacturing and the local market. “In the time of crisis, the local has fulfilled our demand and saved us. Local is not just the need, it is our responsibility also” he added. 

What Is Vocal For Local?

Vocal for local is a pattern to be followed to promote domestic production. This gives wings to entrepreneurs in India to raise their startup. Local does mean not only products manufactured in India but also the product made by MNCs in India. This is the time for India to become “Atma-Nirbhar” by promoting Indian products only and being least dependent on another county to export. 

When this pandemic started, India didn’t have any single PPE kit manufacturing plant and the very least number of N95 mask production. Now with the help of local production, we are now capable of producing 2 lakhs of PPE kit and N95 mask on a daily basis.  This is the perfect opportunity for startups and SMEs to make local products and get recognized in the marketplace with India barcodes starting with 890.

What Are 890 Barcodes And Their Benefits?

The barcode numbers starting with 890 indicate that the product is manufactured in India. This is because these numbers are given and maintained by global supply chain standard organization-GS1. In India, GS1 India is the only organization to allocate GS1 barcode numbers starting with 890, to companies based in India only.

The Benefit of Labeling a Product with ‘890’ Barcodes:

  • Unique identification of a product.
  • Ability to sell products through online shopping.
  • Increase the visibility of your product on Google searches.
  • Free access to DataKart services.

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