Vedic Naturals: Serving The Society With Delicious And Fresh Organic Food

How your food is cultivated can have a substantial impact on your mind and personal health, and the environment. Organic foods often have more valuable nutrients, such as antioxidants, than their standardly grown resemblances. 

There is some increasingly clear evidence that exhibits some potential health benefits of organic foods than conventionally grown foods. Enters Vedic Naturals, a family health-care production team created because of today’s need for healthy and clean food.

About Vedic Naturals

Kalyan Varma, an MBA graduate, left his job as a software engineer and initiated Vedic Naturals in 2019. Vedic Naturals, a completely B2C manufacturing base of organic foods, providing all sorts of organic products. The organic food products are fresh, containing multi-vitamins with an ample variety for your family.

Kalyan highlights that the company is not in a hurry to attain high profits; instead, they want the civilisation to understand the importance of the gifts gifted by nature. He urges them to go organic, stay healthy and happy.

“The motive of this company is to see no pregnant woman or a kid of this country falling sick due to lack of sufficient protein,” says this 26 years old CEO.

Kalyan Varma founder of vedic naturals
Kalyan Varma

In their earliest days, Vedic Naturals began delivering the pure A2 Cow and buffalo milk to their customers, which was ordinary in the market. At Vedic Naturals, the cattle are fed by the healthfullest energy sources like horse gram, sorghum, millets, sesame cake, sunflower cake, groundnut cake, corn, Jaggery, and pure green grass cultivated by Jeevamrutham. Using such a high-end feed for the cattle is nowhere to be seen in today’s market. This helped Vedic naturals become profitable in the town with rapid growth in customers.

Why is Vedic Naturals Unique?

With “Vedic Naturals“, Kalyan and his team wish to serve society with real Organic products. Many products in the market falsely claim themselves to be organic. Using Desi Breed cows and feeding them with organically grown grass and millers is a way to eradicate this problem. 

Organic A2 Cow milk, which Desi Variety of Cow can attain, is advised for pregnant women and children, especially for gaining immunity levels. It contains assorted nutrition values. Vedic Naturals delivers fresh milk from their farms at door-steps within a few hours of milk collection. They never refrigerate the milk, and that’s the USP of their business. The milk products are prepared with the same level of care and organic methods.

Stumbling Blocks of the Journey 

Within a few days after commencing, Vedic Naturals encountered the main challenge listed Covid-19. During the lockdown, there existed problems with travelling, serving, logistics, and whatnot? The company had always offered their cattle valuable, pure and organically grown feed; based on all these circumstances, they decided the products’ cost.

Customers felt the prices to be high. Unlike other existing Hyderabad organisations, Vedic Naturals has always been transparent to their customers. Many of their customers used to visit their farms and observe what was being processed there. This built trust in them, and they started purchasing the products with satisfaction. 

Another challenge was serving customers who were far from their farms. Issues arose with the labour who were working in different departments. Vedic Naturals worked on each aspect; faced each challenge with courage and sustained.


Kalyan Varma and his team are operating the farms and their business with other family business funding to date. Until now, they have not banded with any other companies in the industry. Currently, they are looking for promising investors to serve their products to more regions.

Into the Future

Vedic Naturals plans to serve more customers with Organic Products in all corners of the country. Consuming organic food is a healthful habit as it mends many deadly diseases like cancer, especially cow milk. It can cure many long-term health problems with no processing and no added preservatives.

Vedic Naturals are serving Organic cow and buffalo milk, Cow and buffalo ghee, Natural Honey, Pulses, Fruits, Vegetables, Cold pressed oils, Paneer, Butter, multigrain bread, farm-fresh Coconut water, and recently launched batter. Once they get good branding and serve better, they yearn to add and introduce more products.

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