Udaan: India’s fastest Unicorn

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Udaan which is disrupting offline distribution with its unique B2B model was started in 2016 by the form of Flipkart Intrepid trio AmodMalviyaVaibhav Gupta and Sujit Kumar and is fast becoming the Wind Beneath the wings of India’s B2B e-commerce space.

And, the company provides logistics, secure payment, and Technical Support also. They are the asset-light based on their business model that does not believe in owning Assets and also not planning to go asset-heavy as of now. Udaan helps businesses Discover customers, suppliers, and products across categories and connect them to the best deal. The platform also facilitates secure payment and gives Logistic support. The company also offers accounting, order management, and payment Management Solutions to the merchant on the platform.

Udaan is a business to business Marketplace on which manufacturers and wholesalers can sell their products to retailers via an online platform on the mobile app.


It is bringing the benefits of online commerce to manufacturers, traders, suppliers, wholesaler, in smaller towns, and creating new entrepreneurs in the process.

With over 30,000 sellers and more than 2 million buyers at retailers, Udaan is present in more than 900 cities today. At its core, Udaan accelerates the domestic trade economy by virtue of its being a full-stack e-Commerce platform for B2B business.

Udaan co-founders tell me the greatest sense of accomplishment comes from their role in power in the dreams of many in places and sectors where such studies were rare and previously unheard of.

When they were building Flipkart, they got their high note from the limelight but from customers, recognition. They were building scale, that was motivating them. Even in Udaan, there have been only three new species that have gone out, and everything it has been during a fundraiser- series A, B, and C. It is the first time they were talking on this – says Sujeet.

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