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Udaan is a Business-to-Business (B2B) e-commerce platform, composed to solve core trade obstacles for small, medium, and large businesses across India. It is the largest such national distribution platform of its kind enabling retailers and businesses to source merchandise from manufacturers, brands, white labels, importers, etc. on a single platform. Udaan brings to users the power of technology to grow their business.



Starting a new company with his co-founders Vaibhav Gupta and Amod Malviya in the uncharted B2B space was a huge challenge for all. They started their journey together and the investment started coming in, we started seeing growth, capital looking more real. The model has great potential. We had to solve the B2B problem from the supply chain angle.


The Udan co-founder explained how he and his other co-founders set the stage for the platform to grow. In 2016, for the first six months, they just analyzed the market. They went on the ground, spoke to retailers, suppliers, and tried to understand their roles. They launched their beta in November 2016 after all the research. For seven months, it was used by all retailers, manufacturers. Then a year later, in 2017, they started a company.

Focus Big

Startups are increasingly focusing on the large, and the most unorganized enterprises and small business market. A study by industry body Nasscom in 2017 revealed that 40% of Indian startups are focused on the business to business segment. This, of course, includes pure Tech companies, primarily the SaaS domain.

Bringing the Speed-Up

Their experience and the execution efforts they’ve put in at Flipkart helped. It focused on building teams fast, a lot of people who were a part of Flipkart heard that we were starting and came on board. At day zero, they had a strong founding team. And that is super important. Then they focused on the system thinking how to scale Tech, how to build processes.

Working on a Larger Problem

When they were building Flipkart, they got their high note from the limelight but from customers, recognization. They were building scale. That was motivating them. Even in Udaan, there have been only 3 new species that have gone out, and everything it has been during a fundraiser- series A B and C. It is the first time they were talking on the this – says Sujeet

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