Tune Into The Podcast Entrepreneurial Adventures Of CP For Covid Updates And Business Insights

The COVID-19 outbreak is a strong indication that pandemics, like other rarely occurring tragedies, have happened in the past and will continue to happen in the future. Everyone should be prepared to dampen their effects on society and business. The current outbreak has had severe economic consequences across India, and it does not look like any sector will be unaffected.

Pandemic has affected a lot of classes and businesses that they are trying to recover. Some promising companies found their way out and updated themselves during adversity and saw their opportunity.

What Is The Podcast All About?

The Podcast Entrepreneurial Adventures by Chiranjiv Patel comprises 10 episodes to revive the business and serve the new way to the existing and new clientele. The Podcast encompasses ten episodes such as Passion or Money, Introspection and execution, Market it right, The art of delegation, the dream team, Networking and growth, mentorship matters, Boss vs Leader, Collaborate, not compete and giving back to society. These ten episodes cover everything from commencing a startup to enduring it nicely with specific tips and hacks.

The Podcast Entrepreneurial Adventures by Chiranjiv Patel

The ten episodes above are ten hacks and ways to build your business to survive all the hauls in various meantime. The Podcast has completed more than 10k downloads on all podcast streaming platforms. The podcast Entrepreneurial Adventure by CP is the supreme podcast for entrepreneurs who can and are looking for doing great for society but don’t have any proper guidance; this content will be a good direction for them.

Chiranjiv Patel- Making a Difference

Chiranjiv Patel, an established entrepreneur of Gujarat, is known for his dynamic personality. He is a youth motivator, outstanding entrepreneur, great philanthropist and a great master who encourages one to fail to know what achievement tastes like. Chiranjiv believes in bestowing a boost to the youth by leading them through different mediums. He is the second Gujarati to represent India at the United Nations.

Chiranjiv Patel has mentored 15+ startups. The maestro in entrepreneurship has provided young minds of our nation with a platform for the 1st Mentoring program with just “1 Rupee Fees” (for the entire program).

Chiranjiv launched a podcast, The Podcast Entrepreneurial adventures of Chiranjiv Patel. It addresses multiple aspects of covid and how to survive the businesses in the most challenging time possible.

Bringing Business Back To Life

The Podcast Entrepreneurial Adventures by Chiranjiv Patel is built and produced to recoup the business, recover the business and to refresh the business and start afresh. Talking about the benefits of this podcast, Chiranjiv implies that this Podcast will be valuable during the Covid period. He organised this Podcast during the pandemic looking at the actual and practical problems faced by various startups. He yearned to observe how as a mentor, he helped his mentees rise above all of it.

In his opinion, a business is nothing but a matter of mind and changing to time. He highlights that being online and tech-savvy is everything one should do in this modern-day world. If a person fails to update themselves, they might get run over by various organisations, or they might lag due to rigid policies and not going ahead.

Chiranjiv adds that this Podcast will help to bring the business back to existence. This Podcast is jotted down keeping in mind the problems all of us as entrepreneurs face, be it team crush, financial crunch or anything that blocks its growth. He has done his best in sharing almost all the possible aspects to grow and nurture. The Podcast is available on almost all online platforms. Do search for Entrepreneurial Adventures by CP to save your business from sinking. Live it, embrace it.

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