Top 10 Furniture Companies in India and Their Unique Design Styles: From Traditional to Modern

Discover the best of Indian furniture design with an overview of the top 10 furniture companies in India and their signature styles.
Top furniture companies in India

Home is where the heart is, they say. It gives you comfort, peace, and leisure. Furniture plays an important role in making you feel these things. Furniture increases the comfort level, makes you at ease, and creates a sense of aesthetics in your home.

It just does not play a major role at home but also in office setups, restaurants, hotels, and other professional as well as personal arrangements.

As of 2020, it was said that the Indian furniture market was over USD 1.5 billion and it was expected to grow as per a business report. Between 2020 and 2024, the domestic furniture companies in India were presumed to grow at a CAGR of 12.91 percent.

Hence to know more about the best furniture companies in India for your home or other requirements read the below content.

Here is the list of top furniture companies in India,

List of Top 10 Furniture Companies in India:

  1. Godrej Interio Furniture
  2. IKEA
  3. Damro
  4. Durian
  5. Zuari
  6. Usha Lexus Furniture
  7. Wipro Furniture
  8. EVOK
  9. Urban Ladder Furniture
  10. Nilkamal Furniture

●    Godrej Interio Furniture

Godrej Interio is one of the leading and famous furniture brands in India. They are popular in both the home and professional sectors. The company was launched in the year 1923 to produce sustainable and excellent furniture. The company has a presence in 430 cities with 52 owned companies and has around 800+ dealers.

●    IKEA

IKEA is a furniture company that sells pre-assembled furniture products to customers worldwide. The company was founded in 1942 and has a wide range of furniture from classic and old-school to modern, stylish, and aesthetically pleasing ones. IKEA is a popular brand in India with more than 48 supplier stores.

●    Damro

Damro is India’s largest furniture manufacturer which was established in the year 1986. The company provides both office and house furniture. Providing both traditional and modern furniture, the company has around 75 outlets in India and 150 showrooms worldwide.

●    Durian

Durian is India’s best lifestyle-related brand that provides premium and superior-quality furniture for both home and office purposes. The company has around 33 outlets in India with a wide variety of furniture such as tables, almirahs, stools, beds, dressing tables, side tables, dining tables, etc.

●    Zuari

Zuari is distinct and known for its high-quality furniture and it has created a remarkable brand name on its own. It has diverse product options such as cots, closets, dining sets, sofas, wall units, dressing tables, and office-use furniture. Zuari has over 60 distributors and more than 500 retail furniture stores.

●    Usha Lexus Furniture

Usha Lexus is a popular Indian furniture brand that is based in Gurgaon, Haryana. The company is distinct as it gives a one-year replacement warranty for its diverse range of products. The company was founded in 1983 and offers tailor-made services for its customers.

●    Wipro Furniture

Wipro is a multinational company that has its origin in India. The company was established in 1945 and has various sectors of products such as home appliances, lighting, IT, furniture, etc. Wipro is a Mumbai-based furniture company that has excellence in office furniture and professional-use furniture with exceptional designs.

●    EVOK

EVOK is a leading furniture store in India that is available both online and offline. The company is famous for its modern furniture for home furnishing and offers more than 20,000 products. EVOK has 13 own stores and 15 franchises in India and has diverse products ranging from work-from-home furniture and outdoor tables to living room furniture and dining furniture.

●    Urban Ladder Furniture

Urban Ladder gained popularity within a few years of its inception with its top-quality product. The company gained the trust of the customers as its parent organization is Reliance Retail. Urban Ladder is a Bangalore-based furniture company that was founded in 2012 by Ashish Goel and Rajiv Srivatsa. The company is now a popular brand for furniture and decor products.

●    Nilkamal Furniture

Nilkamal is a leading and popular furniture company in India which is also the world’s largest producer of moulded furniture and material handling systems. With high-quality furniture at affordable prices, Nilkamal has around 50 stores and more than 3,000 dealers in India. Nilkamal is distinct in its pricing as it provides budget-friendly furniture, unlike other companies on the list.

Other popular furniture companies in India that are not included in our top 10 list are,

  1. Pepperfry
  2. Hulsta
  3. Solimo
  4. Dews
  5. Indigo Interiors
  6. Style Spa
  7. Steelcase
  8. Dynasty
  9. Houseful
  10. Elvy, Home Town, etc.


Which brand is best for furniture?

IKEA, Ashley HomeStore, Restoration Hardware, Kartell, and Williams-Sonoma are some of the top five best furniture brands worldwide.

Which one is the most famous furniture brand in India?

Godrej Interio, Damro, Durian, IKEA, and Urban Ladder are some of the most famous furniture brands in India.

Which city is famous for furniture in India?

Kirti Nagar in New Delhi is the largest furniture market in Asia. Kirti Nagar market has more than 500 furniture wholesalers and retailers, Interior design boutiques, kitchen and bathroom stores, and traditional furniture-making companies.

Which is the biggest furniture company in India?

As mentioned earlier, Godrej Interio, IKEA, Zurian, Usha Lexus Furniture, Damro, Durian, and EVOK are some of the biggest furniture companies in India. IKEA has been the biggest furniture manufacturer in the world since 2000.

Which is the most popular furniture company?

Ashley Furniture, Wayfair, Joy Bird, IKEA, West Elm, Restoration Hardware, Article, and Pottery Barn are some of the most popular furniture companies in the world.


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