Top 10 Dropshipping Companies in India: Transforming E-commerce

Discover the top 10 dropshipping companies in India and their innovative business models that are redefining the e-commerce landscape.
Top dropshipping companies in India

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment model where the online store sells products without needing to produce, stock, ship, or maintain products. It is a business model in which an e-commerce seller sells products with no inventory as well as with no need to pile up the stocks of products.

Simply put, e-commerce stores work as a middleman, when a customer places an order with an e-commerce store (seller), the seller informs the supplier about the order and it is the supplier that packs and ships the order.

The dropshipping company is an intermediary that informs the supplier when an order is placed and gets commissioned for it.

The dropshipping store keeps track of the product in stock with the supplier to list them in their e-commerce store and takes responsibility for the product fulfillment of the customer that is – poor shipping, packaging, and quality of the product.

Dropshipping in India:

India is a huge market with unique customer behavior and purchasing patterns. For a country like India, with a wide customer base, developing technology, and numerous sellers and retailers, dropshipping is relatively a successful rendering business model when compared to neighboring countries.

As dropshipping demands minimal risks, and no inventory, or products in stock, it resembles an attractive and new no-risk business model that suits the Indian marketplace best.

Dropshipping in India has been working phenomenally over the last decade with high profits because the products are shipped directly to the customers by the suppliers hence becoming hassle-free for the sellers.

Here are the best drop shipping companies in India:-

Top 10 Dropshipping Companies in India:

  1. IndiaMART
  2. Baapstore
  3. Hothaat
  4. TradeIndia
  5. Jim Trade
  6. Shiprocket
  7. ExportersIndia
  8. Seasonway
  9. Coorgle Dropshipping
  10. Tradeford

1. IndiaMART

IndiaMART is the leading B2B e-commerce drop shipping company in India. The company has a net worth of Rs. 1892.20 crores. Here, the suppliers are connected with the retailer and there is no struggle to search for a supplier. IndiaMART was founded by Dinesh Agarwal and Brijesh Agarwal in 1996.

2. Baapstore

Baapstore was founded by Karthic Kumar Gurnani in 2017. Baapstore is a Chennai-based dropshipping company that offers over 70,000 products and is helping small businesses to flourish in e-commerce with good strategies. Baapstore takes care of all the backend processes such as delivery, hosting, technical, and cataloging.

3. Hothaat

Hothaat is a relatively new online drop shipping venture that was founded in 2012 by Hooner Baweja and Krishna Baweja. The company offers products in more than 30 categories. Baapstore also covers the packaging and shipping of products and does not charge for deliveries and integration of products.

4. TradeIndia

TradeIndia is one of the largest online drop shipping companies in India had a registered 50,000 users and 3.1 lakh, daily visitors, as of 2020. During the pandemic, the company grew by over 150%. TradeIndia was established in 1996 by Bikky Khosla to provide 360-degree digital solutions to all the businesses under it.

5. Jim Trade

Jim Trade claims to be India’s Largest B2B e-commerce media company facilitating global trade. This online business directory company offers various categories such as agriculture, construction, beauty and wellness, fitness, electronics, sports, etc. Jim Trade was founded by Umesh Modi in 2005.

6. Shiprocket

Shiprocket is a dropshipping company with automated shipping solutions for e-commerce. The company offers sellers to associate with 17 courier partners, trade orders, and print shipping labels through its integrated dashboard. Shiprocket was launched by Gautam Kapoor in 2012.

7. ExportersIndia

ExportersIndia is a B2B dropshipping marketplace well-known for its services globally. This platform enables finding and contacting suppliers. ExportersIndia is a space where sellers sell a wide range of products online from the nook and corners of India. The company was founded by Ankit Gupta and Sunil K Gupta in 1997.

8. Seasonway

Seasonway is an India-based dropshipping company that provides best-selling and smart-looking branded wear for some popular brands like Puma, Adidas, Reebok, and so on. The company is famous for its small collection of branded clothes and apparel. Seasonway was founded by Rakesh Mahtolia in 2012.

9. Coorgle Dropshipping

Coorgle is India’s popular dropshipping company with an automated platform. They have easily manageable dashboards where online businesses can display and introduce a wide range of categories and products. Coorgle Dropshipping was founded by Kushal Ponnappa in 2017.

10. Tradeford

Tradeford was founded in 2011 to enable dropshipping stores to access various products of Indian manufacturers. The company adheres to necessary standards and also makes sure to get the required standards for the products. Tradeford is a promising dropshipping company that is famous among wholesale drop shippers.


The above-mentioned are some of the best B2B and individual dropshipping companies in India that offer a wide range of advantages for hassle-free product fulfillment.

Without the need for warehousing, packaging, and shipping, dropshipping business models allow sellers to work from anywhere in the world. The sellers are enabled to control their sites and sell products while working in the comfort of their homes.

Due to the evolving technology and widespread internet users, online shopping has seen a huge rise in recent times.

Dropshipping companies are becoming popular among people because of the shift towards the Internet and online businesses. As there is no need to maintain inventory in this model and establish an instant connection with high-end suppliers and retailers, dropshipping has become a great advantage for sellers.


Is Dropshipping available in India?

Yes, Dropshipping is a new risk-free, hassle-free, and cost-effective e-commerce business for upcoming entrepreneurs to start. It allows businesses to run without having to have an inventory and maintain them as well as allows the suppliers to produce, stock, maintain, pack, and ship products without the involvement of the seller.

Which Dropshipping company is best in India?

IndiaMART, Shopify, TradeIndia, Baapstore, and WebdealIndia are some of the best drop shipping companies in India.

Is Dropshipping profitable in India?

Yes, Dropshipping is one of the highly profitable business models in India with low investment and risk. As India is a huge market space with a widespread customer base, dropshipping is a booming model due to the no-risk environment as the products are produced when there is a demand for them.

What suppliers are best for dropshipping?

AliExpress, SaleHoo, Worldwide Brands, Megagoods, and Doba are some of the best suppliers for drop shipping worldwide.

Can I drop ship to the USA from India?

Yes, one can drop ship to the USA from India and it is not necessary to register in the USA to start a dropshipping company from India to sell products online. You need to have an Indian bank account and GST registration to drop ship to the USA from India. In case of any need for an international bank account, Payoneer would be the best choice.

Is Oberlo a Dropshipping company in India?

Oberlo is an online dropshipping company in India that grabbed attention in a short time with its new features such as Oberlo Chrome Extension to add products to your store directly.

Is Shopify successful in India?

Shopify is one of the successful e-commerce dropshipping companies in India that has a unique way of doing business on the online platform. Shopify was started during the times when opening an online store was a tiring job. The company sustained through many odds and now it is the fastest-growing e-commerce platform for dropshipping.

Is GST required for dropshipping in India?

To run any business in India, GST is required. For an e-commerce drop shipping company, GST registration is compulsory to run the business.

Can I drop ship from AliExpress to India?

Yes, you can drop ship from AliExpress to India and it is one of the most profitable business ventures as you can choose several products, no burden of maintaining the warehouse, freedom for retailers to price products, and low investment, and risk.

How can I start dropshipping in India?

First, to start a dropshipping company in India, one needs to buy an online store and publicize it with any e-commerce website. Then you have to select products for your store. You can use the marketplace or google trends for the selection of the product.

You need to choose suppliers for the selected products or it’s best to first select the supplier and sell the products of the supplier. Before selecting the supplier, you need to talk to and finalize GST requirements with the supplier.

GST registration is mandatory for any online store. Then design the website and add products to the website for customers to visit and buy products.

You need to do marketing that is branding, Search Engine Optimisation, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and paid advertisement. As things unfold, you have to accept orders, notify suppliers and complete the order.


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