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Top 10 Startup Founders in India 2020 | Most Successful Startup Founders

Startup Founders of India which becomes Succesful | Karo Startup
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“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.”

This quote fits the Startup Founders, who have the best thought; however, the implementation isn’t easy. The journey to execute your idea is beautiful yet challenging. There are few journeys on the planet that are as fulfilling and intriguing as that of an entrepreneur. However, there isn’t anything more overwhelming than the first step.

Regardless of whether you’re tuning in to the best “start a startup” podcasts, reading books composed by successful startup founders, and taking guidance from the most youthful self-made tycoons on Instagram.

One reason behind the fall of the most startup founders is that they don’t have the foggiest idea where to start, what that essential initial step is.

What we frequently overlook is that the best startup founders on the planet all began a similar way. They didn’t know the initial step or what they needed to do; however, they all figured out how to take it and become the fantastic examples of successful startup founders as they are today. Throughout the year, Indian startup has discovered accomplishment across areas, with startups in Enterprise Tech, Web-Based Business, Agritech, Ed-Tech, Hospitality, Travel Tech, and not catching the worldwide eye. Simultaneously, vast numbers of successful startups founders in India are likewise hoping to grow their impression and reach, especially in Tier 2 and 3 cities.

Here is the list of the Most Successful Startup Founders

A few months back, 2020’s Hurun list about Indian Unicorns was issued. To kick things off, let us tell you that unicorns allude to those startups whose valuation has crossed the $1 billion (Rs 7,500 crore roughly) mark. In 2020, the Hurun listed 61 Indian unicorns. Out of these, 21 are situated in India, and the rest are set up outside India.

To the extent Indian unicorns go, the huge winner of the part is Paytm, the online wallet, payment gateway, and shopping center. It took the crown of the most-valued startup, and these startup founders are seen as the most successful entrepreneur in India.

The list below is of the most successful startup founders stories that brought energy to the Indian startup environment.

1. Paytm Startup Founder: Vijay Shekhar Sharma

  • Based In:  Noida
  • Founded In: 2010
  • Valuation: $16 Billion
Paytm Startup Founder | Karo Startup

Born in a small community close to Delhi, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, founder of the startup Paytm, was the first among his close family to hold a tech degree and travel abroad for work. Paytm founder began his startup One97 as a telecom software organization in the mid-2000s and later turned it into Paytm, an online payment gateway, in 2009. Paytm has more than 150 million wallets and 75 million Android-based application downloads. Begun as a prepaid mobile recharge site, this startup founder Sharma related how he was enlightened by visiting China when he saw vegetable sellers using their cell phones to get payments from certain consumers. This prompted the Paytm founder to set up the startup in 2013, and there was no turning around.

Valued at US$16bn, Paytm is the most-valued Indian online payments organization. It positions 13th in the Hurun Global Unicorn List 2020. In its latest financing round held in November 2019, the organization raised US$1bn. It was considered as the highest sum raised by an Indian Unicorn in the year 2019. At present, Paytm is the most valued Indian startup.

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2. BYJU’S Startup Founder: Byju Raveendran

  • Based In: Bengaluru
  • Founder In: 2011
  • Valuation: $11.1 Billion
Byju's Startup Founder | Karo Startup

Byju Raveendran is a well-known name among startup founders. It’s one of the most successful Ed-Tech startups till now. Child of mathematics and physics teacher from Azhikode town in Kannur locale of Kerala, Raveendran is a former educator who turned into a startup founder. He founded Think and Learn in 2011 to offer online classes before introducing the BYJU’S application in 2015. In 2018, Byju Raveendran won the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Startup classification). Raveendran’s startup Byju’s runs on a freemium model and prepares students for Indian competitive exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, CAT, and IAS, also the global ones, for example, GRE and GMAT. In July 2019, Byju’s claimed Indian cricket team jersey rights.

The startup founder Byju Raveendran guided ed-tech startup BYJU’s positions 31st in the Hurun Global Unicorn List 2020, with a valuation of US$8bn. In its latest funding round, the organization has raised US$1.2bn. It is India’s biggest ed-tech startup, as of date.

3. Ritesh Agarwal: OYO Founder

  • Based In: Gurgaon
  • Founder In: 2013
  • Valuation: $10 Billion
Oyo Startup Founder | Karo Startup

At the age of 21, Ritesh Aggarwal is India’s youngest startup founder, initiated the budget hotel chain startup OyoRooms. Amusingly, Ritesh was forced to leave his rented place in New Delhi when he could not pay the rent. He spent the night in the staircase. Ritesh, the founder of the startup OyoRooms, had come to Delhi to complete his study. After only three days, he understood that degree isn’t something he needs to spend his energy on. He dropped out and began a bed-and-breakfast chain called Oravel Stays, which later rotated to become OyoRooms and become the successful startup founder.

The Online Hotel booking app OYO Rooms is right now valued at US$8bn. In October 2019, the startup founder, Ritesh Agarwal, put US$2bn in the organization. Out of those, US$1.3bn was utilized to buy the stakes from two investors of the startup. This move significantly increased Agarwal’s share in the organization. The rest of the US$700mn were imbued as the new capital.

4. Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati: Ola Startup Founders

  • Based In: Bengaluru
  • Founded In: 2010
  • Valuation: $6.5 Billion
OLa Startup Founder | Karo Startup

The startup founder, Bhavish Aggarwal, had done his B.Tech from IIT Bombay in Computer Science in 2008. Ola founder Bhavish worked for Microsoft Research, Bangalore, for two years before starting his startup. While dreaming of being a successful startup founder, he began an online platform to provide tours and holidays online before changing OlaCabs. Ankit Bhati, the co-founder of Ola and heads the technical parts of OlaCabs, guaranteeing a fast and convenient experience for the customers and partners. He joined the OlaCabs in November 2010.

Indian ride-sharing application Ola positions 49th in the list, with a business valuation of US$6bn. In October a year ago, the startup was esteemed at US$10bn. Notwithstanding, over a couple of months, its worth has declined by US$4bn, dropping its rank down by six positions. SoftBank, Tiger Global, Tencent, Matrix Partners, and DST Global are the significant investors in the Unicorn startup.

5. Swiggy Startup Founders: Sriharsha Majety, Nadan Reddy, Rahul Jaimini

  • Based In: Bengaluru
  • Founded In: 2014
  • Valuation: $3.6 Billion
Swiggy Startup Founder | Karo Startup

In 2013, the startup founders, Nandan Reddy and Sriharsha Majety planned an online site called Bundl to encourage courier service inside India. Bundl was stopped and was rebranded to enter the food delivery chain. At that point, the food delivery sector was in unrest as a few striking new companies, for example, Foodpanda (later gained by Ola Cabs), TinyOwl (later procured by Zomato), and Ola Cafe (later shut) were battling. The startup founders, Majety, and Reddy contacted Rahul Jaimini, who was working with Myntra. Later all three startup founders established Swiggy and parent holding organization Bundl Technologies in 2014.

Online food delivery startup Swiggy is right now valued at US$3.5bn. The Unicorn got US$43mn as funding in April this year. This denotes the overall financing amount raised by the startup at US$156mn in its most recent budget round.

6. Deepinder Goyal, Pankaj Chaddah: Zomato Founders

  • Based In: Gurgaon
  • Founded In: 2008
  • Valuation: $3.5 Billion

In the wake of gathering and nailing menus to his office soft board at Bain and Co., the startup founder Deepinder Goyal chose to give his hobby a tech push by filtering the menus on a site for everyone who wishes to see. The website got well known. The startup founders Deepinder and his associate at Bain, Pankaj Chaddah, chose to seek it professionally. In 2008, they employed a CEO for their endeavor.

Following a year and a half, the couple chose to quit their jobs and carry on with the startup life full-time. The site soon recorded 1,200 eateries in New Delhi – and Zomato founder hasn’t looked back since. It has extended to more than 22 nations. Valued at US$3.5bn, India’s driving food delivery app, Zomato, positions 96th in the list. In January this year, the organization raised US$150mn funding from Ant Financial.

Zomato Startup Founder | Karo Startup

7. Nithin Kamath and Nikhil Kamath: Zerodha Founders

  • Based In: Bengaluru
  • Founded In: 2010
  • Valuation: $3 Billion
Zomato Startup Founder | Karo Startup

Startup founders, Kamath siblings began India’s first online brokerage firm Zerodha, in 2010. The principal aim was around the day traders at the start. “The plan to trade in 2010 for Nikhil was to start with the very little money we had left in the wake of beginning Zerodha to produce enough runway for the retail broking endeavor. Also, that is what he did, and that is the way we survived,” startup founder Nithin Kamath mentioned in a blog. Ten years on, with their products and innovation and education, the startup has developed massively. Zerodha offers trading values, securities, currencies, commodities, and mutual funds. 

Fintech startup founder Nithin Kamath announced that Zerodha’s present valuation is US$3bn. It holds the 108th position in the list, alongside ReNew Power. In June this year, GoldenPi, online securities, and debentures exchanging stage raised INR3.5 Crore from Zerodha through Rainmatter capital, a fund made by startup founder Nitin Kamath in 2016.

8. Hari Menon, VS Sudhakar, Vipul Parekh, Abhinay Choudhari, VS Ramesh: BigBasket Startup Founders

  • Based In: Bengaluru
  • Founded In: 2011
  • Valuation: $2.5 Billion
BigBasket Founders | Karo Startup

Startup founders of BigBasket had their first brush with online business in 1999 when they began to sell books, toys, and goods through the internet. Tech startups are commonly established by startup founders who have more enthusiasm than experience. At that point, there’s BigBasket, by startup founder Hari Menon and others are veterans of the dotcom bust and 50. Drawing on their victories and disappointments, they’ve transformed their 6-year-old startup into India’s greatest e-grocer. 

With a business valuation of US$2.5bn, BigBasket is one of India’s fastest growing online grocery platform. In May 2019, these startup founders cleared a path for themself in the Unicorn startups’ list when it makes the funding of US$150mn. In its most recent round of funding, BigBasket has figured out to raise debt-based funding worth US$51.78mn from Alibaba and CDC Group.

9. Dhiraj Rajaram: Mu Sigma Founder

  • Based In: Bangalore 
  • Founded In: 2004
  • Valuation: $2 Billion
Mu Sigma Founder | Karo Startup

Mu Sigma – the symbols for the mean and the standard deviation of a probability distribution. This was the best fit name for the organization given by the startup founder Dhiraj Rajaram that has gotten the best quality level for data analytics in India and around the world. Everything started with the startup founder, Dhiraj Rajaram, and his ceaseless desire to strike gold. He accepted that developments in the business world would discover achievement only by a little karma and a ceaseless experimentation cycle. The startup founder Dhiraj Rajaram’s self-depicted pattern of desire, experimentation, trials, blunders, more trials, and more mistakes would at last prompt achievement. 

Formerly startup founder, Dhiraj Rajaram worked for Booz Allen Hamilton when he noticed that customers didn’t have the right individuals to go with a good knowledge of applied mathematics, information science, and computing together. He decided to fill in this hole. At the 170th rank alongside two more startups, Mu Sigma has a valuation of US$2bn.

10. Harsh Jain, Bhavit Sheth: Dream11 Startup Founders

  • Based In: Mumbai
  • Founded In: 2008
  • Valuation: $1 Billion
Dream11 Founders | Karo Startup

Dream11 was established by two young startup founders and sports lovers, Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth, in 2008. Dream11 founder Harsh Jain is an alum from the University of Pennsylvania with an MBA from Columbia Business School. Before Dream11, he founded and effectively work on the procurement of Red Digital (an online media organization) by Gozoop. Dream11 COO Bhavit Sheth is an Engineer with an MBA from Bentley University (Boston) and a Diploma in E-trade procedures from Harvard. Dream11 founder Bhavit co-founded it with Harsh in 2008. Gaming startup Dream11 has a valuation of US$1bn in the list and stands at the 351st rank on the same. Until its latest funding round held in April 2019, the organization had raised an aggregate of US$100mn in 5 rounds. Exactly in the same month, this startup founder conquers the tag of turning into India’s first gaming organization to enter the Unicorn club.


There are eternal lucrative open doors in this day and age. Startups can have a high achievement rate in India. However, why so? Creativity and education are the explanation behind this. India is full of great and innovative minds, and startup founders are skilled in business. 

What can you gain from India? Indeed, you can discover that Indian startup founders are not frightened to attempt new things. Even the startup names are desirable. Few of the top Indian startup founders came up with a fundamental idea. In case you aim to make the most profitable business in India, you need to think outside of the box. The Indian startup market is highly competitive in every term. Ideas of the startup founders are unique, which consistently pulls in clients and delivers benefit. India is a prospering nation with some incredible attractions. There are lots to see and an ocean of opportunities to connect with others. You will never have a reason to miss a new opportunity. So, what’s holding you back? Do you have an idea? Reach our platform Karo Startup and make your dream came true of becoming a successful startup founder. The opportunity is right here! Don’t wait for more.

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