Growing for a Better Tomorrow: Top 10 Seed Companies in India

The top 10 seed companies in India that are innovating in agriculture and providing quality seeds to sustainable and productive farming.
top seed companies in India

The Indian seed industry is one of the country’s most important agricultural industries. The Indian seed industry has made significant progress in recent years and is today one of the most advanced in the world.

Many seed firms in India supply farmers with the high-quality seeds they need to cultivate healthy and abundant harvests.

These businesses have worked hard to improve the quality of their products while also making them more affordable to farmers.

The Indian seed industry is a key contributor to the country’s economy, with significant growth projected in the next few years. The following are the top ten seed companies in India:

List of 10 Seed Companies in India

1. JK Agri-Genetics Ltd. (JK Seeds)

2. Andhra Pradesh State Seeds Development Corporation Ltd.

3. Kaveri Seed Company Ltd.

4. Kalash Seeds Pvt. Ltd.

5. Krishidhan Seeds Pvt. Ltd.

6. Krishak Bharati Cooperative Ltd. (KRIBHCO)

7. National Seeds Corporation Ltd.

8. Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company Pvt. Ltd. (Mahyco)

9. Rasi Seeds Pvt. Ltd.

10. Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd.

1. JK Agri-Genetics Ltd. (JK Seeds)

JK Agri-Genetics Ltd. is a well-known seed company in India and has over 31 years of expertise in researching and producing high-quality hybrid seeds for a variety of crops.

JKAL produces high-yielding hybrids with pest and disease resistance. Farmers benefit from these hybrids because they perform better even in drought, and high temperatures, and produce higher yields. Karnataka, Maharashtra, Bihar, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Odisha are among the states where the company maintains production and research facilities.

2. Andhra Pradesh State Seeds Development Corporation Ltd.

Andhra Pradesh is a major seed producer in the country. The AP State Seeds was founded on March 26, 1976.

The primary goal of the Andhra Pradesh State Seeds Development Corporation Limited is to develop high-quality seeds for timely distribution to farmers in the state at economical pricing.

It plans to expand and promote interstate marketing, export seeds to other nations to generate foreign currency and modernize plants and machinery to improve seed quality.

3. Kaveri Seed Company Ltd.

Kaveri Seed Company Ltd. is one of India’s leading seed companies, ranking among the top three in the country. Mr. G V Bhaskar Rao founded the Kaveri Seed Company in 1986.

Today, Kaveri Seeds is India’s largest agriculture enterprise, specializing in hybrid seeds for important Indian crops.

For the previous three decades, the company has been a trusted partner for farmers due to its strong research and production of high-quality seeds.

Kaveri Seed Company develops and designs appropriate seeds for diverse climatic conditions in various parts of the country in order to suit the needs of farmers and customers.

4. Kalash Seeds Pvt Ltd.

Kalash Seeds Pvt Ltd., situated in Jalna, Maharashtra, is one of the top five vegetable seed companies in India. The company sells seeds for tomatoes, chilies, beetroot, pumpkin, broccoli, muskmelon, onion, and cabbage, among other vegetables.

Kalash Seeds has a diverse product line, a competent research staff, a robust infrastructure, and a positive market reputation. They are committed to providing high-quality seeds to India and the SAARC countries, with over 50 years of experience.

5. Krishidhan Seeds Pvt Ltd.

Krishidhan is an agricultural biotech firm created in 1996 that supplies the Indian seed market with high-quality seeds for a variety of crops. The agro-climatic zones where the company has a substantial presence include Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Rajasthan.

Cotton, pulses, cereals, oil, and fodder crop seeds are all actively researched, produced, packed, and sold by the corporation. For Bollgard Cotton Packing, Krishidhan won the packaging award in 2008.

6. Krishak Bharati Cooperative Ltd.

Krishak Bharati Cooperative Limited (KRIBHCO) is a significant Fertilizer player in the Agricultural Sector, formed by the Government of India in April 1980. Chemical Fertilizers such as urea, MOP, DAP, SSP, Organic Fertilizers, Hybrid Seeds, Certified Seeds, and Compost are all produced by the company. Through their Krishak Bharati Sewa Kendras (KBSKs) in 5 states, the company provides various types of services and help to farmers. The company has seed testing and soil testing labs in Noida to ensure that farmers receive high-quality seeds and fertilizers.

7. National Seeds Corporation Ltd.

National Seeds Corporation Ltd. (NSC), which produces certified seeds for roughly 621 varieties of 80 crops, is owned by the Indian government.

To perform seed testing and quality control, NSC has developed four Quality Control Laboratories in New Delhi, Bhopal, Secunderabad, and Suratgarh.

The company specializes in seed production, certification, seed quality management, and seed marketing. NSC also exports seeds all over the world, particularly to SAARC and African nations.

8. Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company Pvt Ltd. (Mahyco)

B. R. Barwale created Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company Pvt Ltd. in 1964. Mahyco is a major contributor to the Indian agriculture industry.

Mahyco produces a wide range of row crops (wheat, cotton, jowar, paddy, bajra, mustard) as well as vegetable hybrid seeds (tomato, brinjal, chili, bottle gourd, and bhindi).

Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh all have Mahyco centers. The company makes high-quality seeds as well as custom seeds for customers all around the world.

9. Rasi Seeds

Rasi Seeds Pvt Ltd. is a well-known Indian agriculture firm with 37 years of experience in the seed industry. Dr. M.Ramasami founded Rasi Seeds in 1986. Quality hybrid seeds, such as cotton, field crops, and vegetable seeds, are produced and distributed by the company.

The headquarters of the company is in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Rasi Seeds has been recognized by the Indian government as a prominent contributor in hybrid cotton research. Rasi Seeds is one of India’s top ten biotech seed companies.

10. Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd.

Sri Venkataramaiah started Nuziveedu Seeds in 1973, making it India’s largest hybrid seed firm. Nuziveedu Seeds is headquartered in Hyderabad, India.

By developing and selling high-quality hybrid seeds to millions of farmers in India, the firm has made a substantial contribution to the Indian agricultural industry. Nuziveedu Seeds is a leading producer of hybrid cotton seed and paddy seed in the Indian Market. The company has received two awards: Agriculture Leadership Award and Best Bio Agri Company Award


How many seed companies are there in India?

There are more than 540 seed companies in India.

Which company seeds are best?

Kaveri Seeds, JK Agri-Genetics Ltd., Kalash Seeds, Krishidhan Seeds.

Which is the largest seed company?

Monsanto is the largest seed company.

Which are the major seed companies?

Krishidhan Seeds, Krishak Bharati Cooperative Ltd., Kaveri Seed Company Ltd., Kalash Seeds, and JK Agri-Genetics Ltd. are some of the major seed companies in India.

Which seed company is best in India?

JK Agri-Genetics Ltd. is the best seed company in India.


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