TMoS – An Intelligent On-Demand Delivery Platform By IITians is Helping Businesses Grow Even During the Pandemic


Covid-19 pandemic disrupted many businesses in India. With increasing restrictions on daily lives, home delivery service turned out to be the saviour in this moment of struggle. While many industries suffered in a pandemic, logistics saw unforeseen growth due to an increase in on-demand doorstep delivery services.

TMoS launched an intelligent on-demand delivery platform to offer state-of-the-art delivery services at the most affordable prices with carefully designed features most suitable for the needs of Indian businesses.

During the pandemic, TMoS delivered thousands of essential products to the customers and helped businesses to amplify their business growth with intelligent delivery services.

A Challenge For Change

A large part of Indian logistics and transportation still uses traditional methods of handling supply chain and logistics which is not only tedious but also unsustainable. Despite great potential, India’s tier 2 & 3 cities lack basic infra to cater to ever-increasing demands of doorstep delivery.

Challenge Accepted

Young entrepreneurs and ex-IITians, Prakhar and Anish started TMoS as they recognized these challenges. They aim to bring effective change in the logistics sector by creating an ecosystem based on sophisticated artificial intelligence and industry insights to deliver the most affordable, reliable, and intelligent on-demand delivery service for everyone.

Prakhar Kumar Singh is the co-founder and CEO of TMoS

Anish Kumar Singh Is the co-founder and CTO of TMoS

About TMoS

TMoS’s revolutionary ‘Dynamic Hub and Spoke Distribution System’ makes the expansion of low-cost Hyperlocal delivery possible for newer areas, in less period and with the lower capital requirement. With TMoS, everyone can experience state-of-the-art hyperlocal delivery, even across tier 2 & 3 cities.

To make logistics simpler and better, it offers an ease of online delivery management to support MSMEs scale their businesses. With TMoS, businesses can place multiple orders at once. 500 orders can be placed within 60 seconds.

Considering the needs of various businesses, TMoS provides 30-Minute Delivery, 90-Minute Delivery, Same-Day Delivery, and Next-Day Delivery services at the most affordable prices.

The power of artificial intelligence helps to make every order optimized to ensure sustainability in the business.

Why TMoS?

[]  API

[]  Real-time Tracking

[]  Intelligent Discount

[]  Secure OTP based transactions

[]  Automatic Invoice Generation

[]  Multiple order placement at once

[]  Easy to use

[]  End-to-End support

[]  Most affordable prices

[]  Customised plans

“We know that Indian businesses are new to online delivery management services, that’s why we kept it simple and easy to understand. We started with fruits and vegetable delivery and now we deliver more than 100 categories of things including grocery, Agri products, medicines, frozen foods, lunchboxes, packages, books, clothing, and more.”, says Prakhar.

USP Of The Company

TMoS is designed to keep every business in mind. With an option of a tailor-made plan, businesses can choose services they need specific to their businesses. They are committed to offering best in class brand experience at every point. TMoS fleet includes well-trained delivery agents. Safe handling, no-contact food delivery, and safety norms have been part of their USPs even before the pandemic started.

“The tech is aimed to make business not just convenient but transparent and reliable. That’s why transparency and honesty are important pillars of TMoS.” Says Anish.

TMoS culture is based on innovation. Building innovative products comes naturally to Prakhar and Anish. Artificial Intelligence-based ‘TMoS Intelligence Discount’ offers clients an opportunity to get a better discount based on the types of orders and their distribution.

 Matching the order density and delivery capacity across the whole city in real-time using intelligent clustering and distribution simulation, provides TMoS with Delivery Metadata to predict optimal delivery cost before the order is placed.

Plans Ahead

TMoS plans to launch the Delivery Wizard tool which is the NLP-based UI that provides intelligent feedback and inferences based on the order being placed. This supports companies to understand their delivery pattern and positively reinforces them to achieve lower delivery costs.“We started our operations in Mumbai with 10-15 orders per day. Within a few months, we expanded our business to cities like Pune, Delhi, Patna. Now we are clocking more than 100 orders per day. Planning to scale up the operations in the next 3 months to cater to increasing demand and happy customers”, says Prakhar.

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