TMBill: A Leading Cloud-Based End To End Technology Solutions for Restaurants on Desktop and Android


Rahil Shaikh and Nilesh Gaikwad, initiated Tech Mainstay Software to help all categories of food businesses leverage technology through its cloud-based end-to-end technology solution for managing restaurants through their software, TMBill

TMBill was established in 2014 by Rahil Shaikh. It is based out of Pune, Maharashtra. The Restaurant Management Software, TMBill, enables food businesses varying from a self-attained and self-employed food outlet to large-sized food chains.

It helps manage several roles such as billing, CRM, QR code-based ordering, analytics, inventory management, waste management, customer loyalty, menu management, vendor management, among many others. 

About TMBill

TMBill is an outstanding company which provides a comprehensive online cloud POS solution for Restaurants on Desktop and Mobile. The idea of helping food businesses manage their operations reaped in Rahil’s mind when he went wrong to strengthen his cloud kitchen due to the absence of an efficient and cost-effective management solution.

The startup currently comprises 20 developers and over 35 support and sales executives working from across India. It has successfully registered a universal presence, with more than 4000+ customers in over 290 cities and 9 countries. TMBill’s customer base includes Freelancer, Startups, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises.

Rahil formed TechMainstay in 2014, later Nilesh joined TechMainstay as the technological head and commenced to hold the responsibilities of the co-founder in 2016.

“While trying to purchase software to manage the business, I found the prices were in the range of Rs 80,000 to Rs 90,000, and we could not afford it. To address this requirement with an affordable and robust solution, we developed TMBill as an operating system for the F&B industry,” Rahil

Services Offered by TMBill

According to the Founder, the TechMainstay’s core product, TMBill Suite, proposes an extensive set of solutions for technology, operations, and marketing needs of a food business. All sorts of F&B businesses can utilise TMBill software.

The company claims to have products known as TMBill Atlantic Desktop POS, TMBill Atlantic Mobile POS, QR Code enabled online ordering platform, Third-Party Integration, Waiter App, Captain App, KDS, TMBill Pacific POS, Restaurant website and mobile apps.

Rail highlights that the company uses the latest technology for all TMBill products, i.e., React JS, electron framework, and JavaScript. The CSK app defers orders from the waiters or customers and offers a QR ordering platform for taking takeaway, home delivery, and dine-in orders. 

Various products permit businesses to track customer feedback and check outlet statistics, sales, revenue etcetera on an instantaneous basis. The company claims to support companies that integrate with third-party apps such as Zomato, Swiggy, UberEats, Dunzo, and FoodPanda.

TMBill: Business Strategies

Rahil Shaikh, Founder of TMBill, professes to have over 4,000 restaurants from over 290 cities and nine countries consuming its technology platform. The prospects pay Rs 9,000 annually to avail TMBill’s complete restaurant package services.

Currently, TechMainstay has its footprints in nine countries, including India, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait. The startup did not publicise revenue details but announced it was growing at 200 per cent Y-o-Y.

Nowadays, the startup’s clientele counts brands such as Pokket Cafe (Pune), One bite India (Delhi), South Indian and Urban Tadka (Indian restaurant chain popular in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland), PappaRoti (Saudi Arabia), Swadist (Pune), DFC Restaurant chain, Ratlam Cafe house, and Mofood.

The company receives customer feedback and formulates creations to solve difficulties.

Into the Future 

The startup is looking forward to onboard over 10,000 restaurants by the end of 2021. The bootstrapped startup claims to be currently looking to raise its first round of funding.

The company foresees the next generation of tech-heavy restaurants where an individual can go with his/her friends and order food, be connected to their bank accounts and get the food at their doorstep.

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