Tiger Global’s Roaring Journey: Top 10 Successful Investments

Tiger Global Investment


A well-known venture capital company, Tiger Global Management, is known throughout the world for its strategic investments in cutting-edge firms. Since its founding in 2001, the company has significantly aided innovative businesses across numerous industries, fostering the development of the startup ecosystem. With its headquarters in New York City, it has broadened the scope of its investment portfolio by focusing on startups with global transformative values.

How the Tiger Global Started

It was established by Chase Coleman III, an intelligent investor with a keen eye for spotting disorderly ventures. From its establishment, the firm focused on investing in technology, consumer, and healthcare companies, aiming to target the power of innovation and disorganization to promote growth and returns.

Founder and Visionary: Chase Coleman III

Chase Coleman III is the visionary behind Tiger Global Management, who laid the foundation for the firm’s success. He has a strong background in finance and investment. His expertise and planning have been helpful in shaping its investment strategies. His belief in the transformative power of startups has driven the firm to seek out high-growth ventures worldwide.

Tiger Global v/s Softbank

Tiger Global and Softbank are prominent global investment firms, known for large start-up investments. Tiger Global adopts a practical approach, while Softbank’s Vision Fund invests in significant sums and supports established businesses. Both companies have unique strategies and areas of concentration.

Tiger Global’s Top 10 Successful Investments

1. Meta: $1.05 Trillion, USA

Tiger Global made a $1.05 trillion profit on its investment in Meta, formerly known as Facebook. Meta uses platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus to revolutionise social media, virtual reality, and augmented reality. Early assistance from Tiger Global had a big impact on Meta’s development and leadership in the IT sector.

2. Bytedance: $300 Billion, CHINA

Bytedance, valued at $300 billion, is the Chinese internet giant and parent of TikTok. Tiger Global’s strategic investment in Bytedance has led to TikTok’s global popularity, redefining entertainment and social media consumption, and making Bytedance one of China’s most prosperous firms.

3. Nubank: $50 Billion, Brazil

Tiger Global’s support has led to Nubank’s rise as a fintech unicorn in Latin America. With a $50 billion valuation, Nubank offers a user-friendly mobile app and diverse financial services, revolutionizing banking in Brazil. With explosive growth and a strong following, Nubank has transformed banking in Brazil and abroad.

4. Uber: $98.9 Billion, USA

With a valuation of $98.9 billion, Uber has become a global leader in the gig economy and revolutionised how people move, altering urban transportation. Uber’s global presence in industries ranging from ride-sharing to food delivery shows that Tiger Global’s investment was crucial in the company’s path to spectacular success.

5. MercadoLibre Inc: $62 Billion, USA

As the leading e-commerce platform in America, MercadoLibre has thrived with Tiger Global’s backing. Valued at $62 Billion, MercadoLibre has revolutionized online shopping across multiple countries in the region. The company’s integrated marketplace, digital payment platform, and logistics services have fueled the growth of e-commerce and digital finance in Latin America.

6. Airbnb: $92 Billion, USA

Tiger Global’s investment in Airbnb transformed the hotel sector with its cutting-edge home-sharing platform, valued at $92 billion. With a global reach, Airbnb revolutionized travel and discovery by offering personalized housing experiences.

7. SHEIN: $100 Billion, China

SHEIN became a $100 billion fashion e-commerce platform thanks to Tiger Global’s assistance, luring international fashion fans with its chic yet reasonably priced goods. SHEIN’s standing in the Chinese startup scene is improved after the support from the Tiger Global.

8. Stripe: $95 Billion, USA

Stripe has raised the fintech company’s valuation to $95 billion, revolutionizing online transactions and showcasing Tiger Global’s visionary approach to investing in transformative startups which are leading the internantional market, the investment aslo has increased the brand awareness and attracting new businesses to use Stripe’s payment services.

9. Databricks: $38 Billion, USA

Tiger Global’s strategic backing has significantly enhanced Databricks’ expertise in data analytics and artificial intelligence. With a $38 billion valuation, Databricks enables organizations to utilize data-driven insights for informed decision-making. Tiger Global’s support solidified the company’s position as a prominent tech player in the market.

10. Instacart: $24 Billion, USA

Instacart’s on-demand grocery delivery service has become an essential part of modern life. Valued at $24 Billion, Instacart’s user-friendly platform has revolutionized grocery shopping and doorstep delivery. The company’s rapid expansion and popularity highlight the impact of Tiger Global’s backing on its success.


Tiger Global’s visionary founder, Chase Coleman III, has led the firm to become a prominent venture capital firm, investing in transformative startups worldwide. Their success stories, including Facebook’s rebranding and Meta’s TikTok revolution, showcase their commitment to identifying and supporting transformative ventures.

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