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An eloquent lifestyle and rising awareness concerning a child’s health have eventually boosted the manufacturing and sales of baby products. While expecting their first baby, Darshan K. Doshi, the founder of Tickles and his wife heard about ‘Cloth diapers’. Out of curiosity, they started exploring this product and discovered more. The entire purpose was to use Cloth Diapers for the baby. 

Darshan discussed Cloth Diapers with Pratik, which eventually turned into a business idea—finding a solid potential in Cloth diapers. The evening of 15th July 2019 became a foundation pillar for Tickles. Since then, many sleepless nights were spent on research to develop a well-designed and high-quality product. The idea was to come up with a reusable diaper that not only helps parents to switch to eco-friendly parenting but is also very comfortable for the baby and soft on the skin. 

Bestowing a made in India product to our consumers was also one of the prime objectives for them.

About Tickles

Tickles is a one-stop solution to provide parents everyplace with top of the line child-care products that care for their child and are eco-friendly. Tickles promises premium quality products made up of 100% cotton/natural fabric and dyes. They claim their designs and patterns to be intricate but not at the cost of durability. The products are proudly manufactured and lab-tested in India; Tickles is looking to take Green Parenting to the world.

Tickles outline a wide range of child-care products and look for new strategies to help their consumers care for their children and the world they live in. Tickles claim to serve products that are Chemical Free, Re-usable, & Environmentally Friendly. They are making solid alliances with relevant partners such as Firstcry, Amazon and CRED.

Darshan K. Doshi is the founder of Tickles who works in Singapore in the IT industry. He possesses 12 years of working experience in the technology industry. Pratik Mavani, Co-Founder of Tickles, works as a Business Development Manager in UAE’s IT Industry. He has worked in the technology industry for almost 15 years and ultimately made a move in Sales. 

What does Tickles Offer?

The vision of Tickles is very constructed. It contributes to saving nature, invests in research and creativity, to be practical and innovative, building a high-quality product, grows globally and embrace technology.

Tickles has launched its flagship product, ‘washable / Reusable Cloth Diapers’, in October 2020. All the product names are thoughtfully selected and have an exciting story behind choosing all the product names.

There are three different products introduced under the lid of ‘Washable / Reusable cloth diapers.

  1. Tickles Cocoon (New-born cloth diapers for 0-3 months babies)
  2. Tickles Explorer (For toddlers up to three months to 4 years of children)
  3. Tickles Bum Buddy (Extra inserts/pads for Tickles Explorer)

Why The Name Tickles?

Tickles are an emotion of fun which pertains to people of all ethnicity and age group, and it brings a smile on a baby’s face. “Tickles” was chosen after discussing multiple brand names. The team was looking for a term that reflects fun, positivity, and innocence. Using these criteria, they liked Tickles the most.

According to the founder, when a Ticklish feeling was applied to their logo with the thin lines around the text and placement of each letter’s letters, it looks like it got Tickled. So, they tried to carry the expression along with the visuals.

Challenges Encountered 

One of the biggest hurdles was the Cloth Diapers’ awareness amongst parents. When a consumer doesn’t know about the product category itself, it becomes hard to convey how helpful it is.

Tickles and the team realised that disposable diapers have made parents so comfortable, where all the negatives of disposable diapers are well ignored. To overcome this challenge, Tickles decided to bring in awareness campaigns on social media. The positive aspect is, they noticed the impact; though it’s slow, it is there. 

During COVID19, the much-anticipated launch was severely affected. Overall, the time and situation were not favouring launching the brand, but they had no choice.

They continued putting efforts to sign up with offline distributors. They somehow managed the situation and successfully boarded three distributors to cover Gujarat’s different territories and are doing well.

Another big challenge is that various Chinese cloth diapers are available at cheaper rates and of low quality. Since cloth diapers are moderately a new product, parents were hesitant to invest in high-quality products because the Chinese alternative is affordable. However, on providing Tickles products to selective 100 beta-testers (parents), after using it, they became our brand ambassadors.

The USP of Tickles

Tickles is unique in its build quality, material and craftsmanship. The hand feel of the product is soft and elegant. The cloth blend that they provide is Velour, which is only used in Tickles diaper and not by any other competitors in India. 

Every Tickles Cloth Diaper comes with an outstanding package. It includes an awareness card, a wash bag and a diaper. It is familiar to wash cloth diapers, so they’ve tried making a complete batch. The company highlights that it didn’t come across any other competitor with such a complete solution.

Future Plans Ahead

The company plans to invest in the fields of research and creativityand also tends toembrace technology. Tickles wishes to grow globallyand also strives to continue contributing to nature.They want to strengthen alliances with more relevant partners. 

Tickles highlights that everyone needs to take responsibility for the coming generation’s environment collectively. Every parent needs to consider adopting green parenting principles. Choosing the product is an individual choice, but the overall goal should be to make a better tomorrow for our generation, starting with preserving nature. Tickles is committed to making your parenting journey better, enhanced, elegant and green.

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