Thea Attire: Discover the Simplicity and Joy in Our Electronic Wardrobe of Fabrics

Thea Attire

Sense of fashion and dressing is something which not everybody is good at. How many of us would be able to properly stitch a cloth or do embroidery? Many of us would, but the point is the amount of precision and closeness with the fabric is needed in curating a material is difficult and a certain level of curiosity also has to be maintained. Rachel, at a very young age, founded ‘Thea Attire’ by following her fascination for fabrics that, how they are dyed, then processed into threads and then a unique idea takes the shape of a cloth.

Risk taking is a major factor in a retail fashion industry because, “there are so many fishes in the pond but so many fishermen also,” and dress-up trends change very frequently and people are more inclined towards variety not variability. Rachel studied the market and with her business development skills, she laid the foundation of her own empire, Thea Attire.

A stepping stone for greater achievements

NameThea Attire
Founded on04th May, 2022
Revenue10-12 Lakhs

Thea Attire is owned and managed by a 22 year old entrepreneur aspiring to turn her love for clothing into a career. They started out with just one individual managing everything and have now grown into a team of 4. Rachel started this business in the last year of BBA (Financial Services) during the pandemic. She observed the difficulties local craftsmen and tailors were facing and thus, employed 2 women tailors as she dream of expanding it further, so that she can help a lot many people with this intention. Rachel is a fan of authenticity and simplicity. She always found it hard to buy affordable cotton with bold, minimal

design and rich comfort. That’s when she got her space to settle in and explore and today, we have Thea Attire in front of us.

Thea Attire’s meaningful vision

humid area all throughout the year, that is why people expect comfortability in the utmost way possible. And good cotton tops were either not in variety or more than one’s price range. Thea Attire believes in simple cotton tops and dresses that look elegant and beautiful. The journey was not easy for, it was full of self-doubt and hindrances as it was during Covid-19 when ongoing businesses found it hard to run it, Rachel took a decision to kick-off a venture and it is rightly said, ‘a good motive never goes in vain’ so Thea Attire is slowly moving towards success and accomplishment and they will be able to help other locals who are in need of some help.

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To Wrap-up…..

Thea Attire is an example of idealistic approach and firmness to put your managerial skills at a young age into something which you have passion for, and then see the fruitfulness of that dream. Rachel designed these clothes in such a way that women can feel the freedom of their style, the classy look and to have a premium touch of clothing material. It aims towards sustainable fashion as well. The venture tries to use cotton fabrics majorly, paper packaging instead of plastic and ensuring there is no fabric waste.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the revenue generated by Thea Attire?

10-12 Lakhs is the estimated revenue by Thea Attire that they have generated.

2. What is the business model adopted by the company?

As it is an e-commerce website, it has adopted a B2C business model.

3. When was Thea Attire Founded?

It was founded on 04th May, 2022.

4. What is the problem that Thea Attire focuses on?

Providing affordable clothing with comfort fabric is what Thea Attire aims for.

5. Where do the daily operations of Thea Attire take place?

It is based out of Goa


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