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The ROFL Indian: Offering Relatable And Hilarious Content And Are Quickly Becoming One Of The Trendiest Meme Marketing Agency

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Memes can compel us to laugh, and for most of us, it is only confined to social media pages. The time has changed, and corporations have stances for meme-makers now. Just like a regular job of a teacher or a doctor, at a firm meme-making too is a full-time job. Even though it is startling, this is a career option for many lads in the country.

However, creating memes on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook is evolving an indispensable part of marketing budgets for brands that want to stay relevant and of relevance online.

About the Founder

While seeking his higher studies, Sandeep Poonia, a Delhi based B.Tech student got this idea of creating a meme page on Instagram. Amassing a tremendous response and generous support from the audience made him convert his social media passion into a profitable business. 

Sandeep started helping other brands grow with his page. He commenced working to create an agency. He chose to utilise that agency for advertising brands and OTT platforms (streaming service that delivers content over the internet) via social media memes. This could help the brands and OTT platforms get acknowledgement in front of a vast audience. 

Changing the Game of Social Media

At present, The ROFL Indian is leading a meme marketing agency registered by the Indian Government. The company has a follower base of 200million+ people. They are generating brand cognition and increasing product sales with their beautiful ideas.

The Rofl Indian, India’s largest meme marketing agency, has been rewriting the game of social media platforms with its engaging and relatable contents.

“Memes have proved to be more than just a trend, and they are ready for marketers to utilise them”,

writes Sandeep Poonia, Founder, TheRoflIndian.

The ROFL Indian helps brands in brand awareness, product launch, 360-degree marketing and OTT platforms (web series and movies) to reach their targeted audience, having a community of 5000+ creators. They have worked with top brands like Netflix, Amazon, Mi India and several more.

The meme marketing agency claims that their clients count on them for disruptive innovation and quality. The industry knows this well. The company focuses on creating and distributing valuable and humoristic content to captivate and preserve a defined audience. The company also provides a wide array of website design services for small- and large-scale business.

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