The Rage Is Giving A Fashionable Spin To Your Growing Interest In Fashion

Refreshing and thrilling things are happening in the fashion startup space. The technology is opening up new doors; doors to places that, just a few years ago, merchandisers could only dream of. If Myntra and Jabong are the only names that come to mind when you think of online fashion in India, you haven’t seen anything yet. 

How do you know what looks good on you when you shop online? Sarthak Bhatt and Muhammed Sinan founded The Rage Pvt. Ltd. The Rage’s focus on personalisation could make sure you don’t ever miss that flattering trial room.

The Idea Behind THE RAGE 

Fashion is fun and also plays a vital part in society, the global economy and individual expression. Fashion impacts how we position ourselves in the world and how we comprehend others. The following designers, entrepreneurs and fashion insiders are using the capability of style to set to work the industry’s biggest problems. The Rage is the response to our following concerns :

  • Are fashion and style only for celebrities and famous?
  • Is fashion the blessing of God?
  • How to dress and look diverse?
  • Does fashion have anything to do with dignity and confidence?

Everyone confronted all these difficulties and were incapable of meeting others due to their lack of dressing and fashion sense. Many of them had forfeited many opportunities due to their lack of fashion skills, so the duo thought why not draw the fashion stylists to the commons. 

Sarthak and Sinan are endeavouring to get a revolution in the fashion industry with #fashionforall. With the help of The Rage, they procure the luxury of fashion to the public.

Fetch Fashion Advice From Fashion Expertise

The Rage possesses a team of fashion stylists who will be easily accessible to the populace and help them decide a hairstyle, a dress for them, select eyewear or anything the person wishes for. The Rage will solve all the problems and doubts of its audience in fashion. These services are free of cost.

What do They Offer to their Audience?

The Rage lets you choose from a broad spectrum of collections. The company will get you fashion elements directly from the brands. It will help if someone needs a pair of pants, a suit, a party dress, or accessories.

The Rage also lets its users create their design. If any person has a plan in his/her mind, they can open the company’s app, which allows them to experience the best to make their design. The company offers to get it tailored. Users have access to do something extra with their plans. It provides them with a 50% profit for every sale of their design.

The user can upload their picture in the selected new dress and ask the community how they look. Fashion is tough. You never know what looks good on you.

Business and Revenue Model                          

Whenever the company gives fashion advice, it shows it’s users a catalogue of different brands. Users can choose any product from any brands and order it and wait for it to get delivered to their doorstep.

Users have an option to customise designs, and the company creates it. 

People designing it can have their commission for each piece sold, and the company will gain the profit from each unit sold. The company also generates its revenue from selling the fashion advisory data to textile industries: they can foresee the public design’s interest-based methods to produce outputs.

Into The Future

The company strives to bring the revolution in the fashion industry. By bringing fashion stylists to the platform, the company plans to give free fashion styling advice and create their designs. The company believes that fashion does not need a degree and any imaginative individual with an innovative design and creative ideas may approach them to design clothes.

The company plans to offer the best fashion designing AI experience if the users mark their presence on the app. The company claims to offer a platform for all fashion enthusiasts. The Rage wants to be the Facebook of the fashion industry, where users can post anything related to fashion.

One of the long-term goals of the company is to franchise a business in offline mode. The customer can go to the offline store where everything online will be available.

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