The Prodigy Baby is a System which Helps with the Overall Mental, Physical and Emotional Happiness of Babies

prodigy baby

Child prodigies have been with us since initial times. But over the generations, many of them have had their genius questioned — mostly as to whether or not a parent or a mentor was behind their exceptional skills. Raghav Himatsingka had been a sluggish learner all his life. But with perseverance, he was able to pick himself back up. It led to the birth of ‘The Prodigy Baby by Raising Superstars’ with spouse Shraddha. They had created a formal framework, a prodigy system called The Prodigy Baby that became the first product of Raising Superstars, their latest project. It was only when their talents were authentically established that people around them could recognise them as teenage wonders. 

Raising Superstars is on a short mission to help every baby in the world discover their hugest potential. Raising Superstars furnishes babies with a bunch of fun stimulation, to exercise these neural connections and help them achieve their fullest potential before those abilities are trimmed forever.

Promises to Awaken the Unconscious Genius of Babies

Raghav Himatsingka is a third-time entrepreneur and the Founder of Raising Superstars. The company’s first product is called The Prodigy Baby System, which pledges to awaken the unconscious genius of babies, through a step-by-step system of simple exercises that can be done by parents at home without pressures of homework, worksheets, or any screen time for the child. The couple consumed over 2,000 hours researching and learning about early learning and development. From Khar, a suburb in Mumbai, they are helping over 12,000 parents make the best of their babies’ first knowledge and developing years.

“It does not require too much of an effort or any homework for that matter. We have converted years of research into an easy-to-use framework, which parents need to understand and do with their baby for five to seven minutes every day.” says, Raghav.

What can babies learn?

This system professes to help with the overall mental, physical and emotional happiness of babies, encouraging them to develop photographic memory, math skills, oratory skills, speed reading skills, incredible sports prowess, encyclopedic knowledge, a flair for creativity, foundations of logic, among other such things, minus any screen time.

Shraddha explains, “Even though they cannot lift their neck, let alone crawl or walk at birth, they are born with innate learning abilities that they can even pick up as many as 5 or 6 languages with routine exposure.” 

Challenges and the Next Mile

Today, Shraddha enjoys looking through a Facebook community brimming with videos that parents post of their child’s development or doing an exercise. The startup has grown from a two-people team to ten members and caters to over 12,000 parents across 20 countries. This reach became possible after they migrated the business online in August 2020. Before this, demands increased to a point where she could not take on more clients. With a massive research-oriented company, she highlights a lot of investment was of time responsibility and the duo are in talks with investors to raise funds. 

For the founders, time management has been the biggest challenge. From managing the house, work, and most importantly, looking after the child. There are moments of self-doubt and lack of self-belief, whether it is practical and doing justice to all the roles. According to them, it is a constant challenge, and they are still working on it. At present, the couple is scaling up and concentrating on building the team as well as the product. They are also looking to design courses for older age groups.

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