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Mukund Maheshwari is in the fourth year at School of Law, UPES, Dehradun. As it is said, “marks are not the representation of intelligence and it does not decide your success,” the same statement applies for Mukund. He was consistently an average student in school. He had no clue that he would choose law as a profession. He belongs to a business class family, that is the reason he was intrigued continuously into entrepreneurial activity, and he looks forward to starting his own business someday.

In his underlying years at Law school, he uses to battle a ton for his internships, Moot court competition and so forth, since he is looking forward to being the first generation Lawyer in his family, his struggle made him realize that these whole issues which were looked by him, can be converted into opportunities.

The Discovery of Law Laboratory

He was in the second year of his Law school when he started Law Laboratory as an Instagram page with the intent to help law undergraduate in whatever way he can. He began giving free legal aid and study materials to the students who were in dire need of it. Gradually and bit by bit, the family of Law Laboratory facility, began to expand one by one. Individually, Mukund offered various services to the law undergraduates, such as Professional CV Making Services, Exam Notes, and so on.

He has launched an Assistance Cell, where the team of Law Laboratory helps the undergraduate, with their research and drafting, paper publication, and so on. In addition to this, Law Laboratory conducts Educational online Webinars with well known legal counselors of the nation. In the exceptionally first long stretches of work, he moved towards numerous individuals to join his team and work together. However, nobody took it seriously since it was only an Instagram page.

As the association developed, individuals began to draw closer connections towards Mukund to work with him. There was all a contrary situation as in contrast with what it was earlier. Mukund changed over an Instagram page of “Law Laboratory” into a company that is currently an ISO certified concern, recognized by Government of India. Today, Law Laboratory works in a joint effort with various law firms, organizations; with a team of roughly 20-25 individuals.

Opportunities are everywhere

Recently, when the group of Karostartup had a conversation with him, he said that this lockdown ended up being a golden opportunity for Mukund as he got more time to work for the betterment of his organization and tried to help the law students with the publication work, conducting webinars for the students, as well as supporting them with study materials.

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