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Indias largest payment company that extends multi-destination and multisource payment resolutions. It allows the transfer of money without charging any fees. It provides extensive service to 8 million merchants and consumers.

It is owned by the one 97 communications the largest mobile internet firm, Paytm was founded by VIJAY SHEKHAR SHARMA.

Its investors include SoftBank, SAIF Partners, Alibaba Group, and Ant Financial. He is an amazing person here are some lessons we need to learn from him.


Vijay Shekhar’s success to a layman would seem a Marvels of entrepreneurship are there Vijay Shekhar went through tough times he practically lived on streets and spent his life on streets with mere Rs15/- in his pocket. A layman with no passion would have given up and succumbed to adversities but not Vijay Shekhar.


Vijay Shekhar worked for several companies such as river run software group into solutions India private limited and India Today group online. He worked as a member of the business development team for river and software group after spending over two years in these companies realized that he was meant for something big and something of his own.


In the intricate internet industry, the only thing that is predictable is changed Vijay Shekhar notices a paradigm shift in the building section from paying bills at outrage online payment bank on the ship and launch Paytm under the hood of one97 communications. Paytm stands for the page through mobile.


Vijay Shekhar was confirmed with India’s innovator award in 2015. In addition, Paytm on recognition among many stops to tea brands at a celebration and to this end the year 2016 Paytm was recognized as the most innovative start-up of the year.


It is easy to swim with the tide and stay complicit but it is hard as hell to stay down to earth and shake off any existing complacency Vijay Shekhar made quite a few investments in companies such as Jugnoo, CIQUAL, PLUS TXT, Milaap , Dexetra.

These lessons surely made him a big businessman . From layman on streets he became one of the richest businessmen with an innovative business, which is made to ease the work of customers and he can earn profits.

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