The Innovator of PVR Ltd.: Ajay Bijli

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The chairman of PVR Limited, Ajay Bijli founded PVR India’s first multiplex cinema at Saket, Delhi in 1995. He only focused on his PVR business after his father died and there was a huge fire in their warehouse. It slowly but surely became the most famous chain in India in almost 69 major Indian cities.

 It has been listed as the most committed stigma in the Brand Trust Report, 2015, PVR Ltd is the largest cinema presentation company in India. In fact, the Brand PVR has been listed sequentially in the last three considerations as the most patronized in the Entertainment section. Today PVR endures as the most considerable multiplex series of India with 477 screens and a strong pervasiveness in 44 cities across 107 properties. Theatre World gets up expectedly with Ajay Bijli.

The generation of idea

We all know Bollywood is the charm of India. Indians prosper for cinema. Bijli was introduced to the concept of multiplexes on his trip to Orlando Florida (U.S). Being a concept it was very appealing to him and he thought of bringing this to India remembering the love of cinema in the country. He started his venture with the remodeling and transmutation of the old and neglected Priya Cinema into a modernized, youth-centric, and luxurious cinema.

He wanted to expand the PVR Ltd venture so he joined hands with Priya cinema and Village Roadshow Ltd, Australia, in April 1995  in a 60:40 ratio. A joint venture agreement between Priya Exhibitors Pvt Ltd…

When ‘multiplex experience’ was an obscure concept in India, and the cinema exhibition industry was grappling for its occurrence, they overcame the sector. With an idea to accommodate a floor to heighten the movie-watching exposure to Indian cinemagoers, they introduced the notion with one cinema, and now from a single screen, PVR stands at 477 screens.

The company’s focused perceiving is its confinement to provide the tremendous quality of the cinema viewing adventure.

Their ability to reinvent, innovate, and confront us is a declaration to the epoch that they have brought in the cinema demonstration industry. Being the innovators in the domain of cinema, their theory has perpetually been to accelerate the pocket and develop with unprecedented cinematic occurrences for our patrons.

They have a muscular augmentation plan, with equal perception in metros and layer II and layer III towns. They presently endure at a tally of 477 screens and want to surpass 1000 screens by 2018 pan India. They were the first ones to offer online ticketing, tailless box office, and ‘on the place’ food offerings. They are also the first multiplex to have 3D equipped screens at all of their multiplexes.

It is the most Admired Multiplex Chain in India, “PVR Ltd” in the world. PVR pioneered the multiplex revolution in India. Today, they own 750+ screens spread across 160+ properties covering 65+ cities in India.

PVR continues to provide superior quality ambiance, technologically updated systems, and best service standards to ensure customer delight and unmatched cinema viewing experiences.

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