The first Indian tech start-up post independence: HCL

About the founder: Here we are talking about the first tech startup in India after independence. The first tech start-up in India was founded by Shiv Nadar. HCL technologies is one of the most well known brands in the contemporary market.

Talking about the founder, Shiv Nadar established this company. It initially began as a hardware company, building the nation’s first native computers and selling them to Indian consumers, but it gradually developed into a more comprehensive software services company. In fact, HCL is one of the few 1970s-era multinational IT organisations still in operation today.

Nadar has consistently acknowledged throughout his career that developing strong institutions depends on forming collaborative relationships that focus on producing new knowledge. He led HCL to forge a number of beneficial alliances and joint ventures that facilitated the company’s ascent as a major player in the world of technology.

 The organisation’s development was influenced by his pioneering attitude and faith in engineering and research, which is why HCLTech now has one of the biggest IT Engineering and R&D departments in the world.

Nadar began his professional life as a management trainee in the prestigious DCM programme. He first met the individuals with whom he subsequently co-founded HCL in a Delhi Barsati that was “similar to a garage startup” and had a compelling belief that the microprocessor will change the course of history at DCM.

This led to the foundation of India’s first tech start-up coming to existence. He started off with a single room. Today, the company is valued at ₹281,209 crore.

Current board: After the retirement of Shiv Nadar, his daughter Rashmi Nadar Malhotra has been appointed as the current chairperson of the company. 

About the company: Six young engineers from Delhi Cloth Mills, DCM, were talking about their problems at the calculator division of DCM during lunchtime in 1976. They were in the workplace canteen.

Despite the fact that they all had well-paying careers, they were all dissatisfied and wished to exert greater self-confidence. They made the decision to leave their employment and launch their own business.

Shiv Nadar, a 30-year-old engineer from Tamil Nadu, was the one who was stoking the aspirations of his five other coworkers in the canteen. And this is how Hindustan Computers Limited, or HCL, got its start.

Summer 1976 saw the departure of Nadar and his five coworkers from DCM. They made the decision to found a business that would build personal computers. At DCM’s calculator section, they had amassed sufficient technical know-how, but as with every startup, raising money was a challenge.

However, Nadar’s enthusiasm for his brand-new dream business and the assistance of his supportive, ecstatic coworkers soon made the task incredibly simple.

It took HCL only two more years to release its 16-bit CPU after it began shipping its internal microcomputers at roughly the same time as its American rival Apple.

It nearly built a client-server architecture, a networking operating system, and a relational data-based management system in 1983 at the same time as its international competitors. The path to success was now in view, and HCL went one step further by visiting foreign shores.

The Indian government unveiled a new policy in 1984 that would drastically alter the course of the global computer industry. The government allowed technology imports and opened up the computer sector. With new standards and laws in place, HCL seized the chance to introduce its own personal computer.

HCL rose to prominence as one of India’s top IT firms in just two years. The company needed the best minds to push it to the next level of competition, so the founders dispersed around the nation to open offices for sales and marketing.

Current scenario: In the contemporary market, HCL Technologies Limited, also known as HCLTech, is a Noida-based international provider of consulting and IT services. It is now led by Rashmi Nadar Malhotra.

It is one of the best known tech companies in the country. It is relied upon by several other major companies and industry leaders. Considering IT or tech companies, HCL is definitely one of the pioneers.

It continues to inspire several other tech start-ups, people across the nation. 


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