Startups Gear Up for Delhi Pitch Fest at TechSparks


After the super successful Pitch Fest 2023 in Bengaluru, where investors were quick with their support, startups are gearing up again—this time in Delhi for TechSparks 2023, the first one in the capital city.

YourStory’s TechSparks Pitch Fest is like a big stage for entrepreneurs, where they have a quick three-minute talk about their big idea, followed by a two-minute Q&A with the judges. This time, startups from places like Connaught Place and Hauz Khas, working on things like climate and sustainability, AI/ML, and deep tech, will be in the spotlight.

The judges at the Pitch Fest are usually small investors from different areas, looking to support startups in their early stages. In the past, VCs like 8X Ventures, AdvantEdge Founders, Capital-A, Piper Serica, Mars Shot VC, Seeders, and WEH Ventures, have been part of the Pitch Fest. Pitch Fest is set to help young startups get that first round of funding.

It’s like putting them right in front of investors who want to make smart bets on new businesses. Startups also get a chance to meet other investors at TechSparks Delhi, make new connections, and even sell their ideas directly to potential customers. At the Bengaluru edition, 30 startups pitched their ideas over three days.

This time, they expect more cool ideas from startups in AI/ML, health, computer vision, and EV space. Each startup in theTechSparks Pitch Fest gets special attention in the media. They get coverage not just from YourStory but also from other big media outlets.

The Pitch Fest is not just about pitches; it’s a mix of ideas from all over the country. Since Delhi has a rich history and is a lively place, the startups picked for this edition will cover a bunch of different industries. Let’s celebrate the next step in India’s startup journey together!


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