Technologies Transforming the Future of Workplace

Technologies Transforming the Future of Workplace | Karo Startup | Inspiring Startup Stories

The whole world is witnessing the transformation due to the COVID-19 outbreak whether it is an educational sector, government sector, or corporate sector. COVID-19 has hit the fast forward button to the digital transformation of the workplace. The trend of work from home is becoming the new normal.

As the government starts giving relaxation to business to function normally, here are some digital technologies transforming the future of work.

Stepping Towards 5G Network

As the whole corporate world is shifting towards work from home culture, there is an increase in demand for higher bandwidth networks.

5G is the 5th generation of cellular network technologies which takes the era of mobile and wireless communication to the next level.

It is designed with “Service Based” architecture which offers high-speed network based on ‘Slice’ of network.

The way 5G will impact the workplace depends on the type of industry. It provides services like IoT, low latency application and more making it crucial to aid remote working.

Hike of Virtual Conference

With the rise in cases of COVID-19 globally, we are focusing on social distancing and making minimal contact with humans. This makes companies opt for the Virtual Conference.

In the new world, the industry is all set for virtual conferences and meetings. This gives rise to many virtual meeting provider companies. Platforms like Zoom, Google Meet are already witnessing high surge in usage from the past few months. This new trend is going to continue for a long time with the aim to maintain social distancing. 

E-Commerce Is Ruling

As government-imposed lockdown, local shops and shopping shut down. Even after some relaxation people are scared to go shopping the way they used to do before. People are going for online shopping which results in a huge surge in the E-commerce market.

Whether its household items, clothes, or books, online shopping is flourishing in every field. It also raises demands for online payment solutions. People started using online banking services more. There are more online financial transactions and commerce is taking place in the COVID era.

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