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Tamas- Giving A High Priority To Talent Strives to Become A Complete Entertainment Industry

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After the exit of TikTok from India, Tamas Spree Private Limited’s short video app “Tamas” is the only short video app who make their users famous, give them a golden chance to work in music videos and movies and reap money.

Tamas Spree Private Limited Company amasses more than 300 studios all over India, with talent, technologies, and locations available at a much lower rate than the market. Tamas Company has inaugurated its OTT platform Tamas Spree and its first comedy show Yahan Sab Nakli Hain will be released soon. 

The Multi-functional App

Tamas is an app generated from Tamas Talent Spree Private Limited Company that helps talented people of India touch people’s hearts by uploading their audio, video and making them their followers. After fetching 1000 followers, these talented people then join the list of Influencers of Tamas and start earning money. 

The Tamas App allows people to step into the entertainment industry, where they get the chance to work in films, serials, web series and music videos and fulfil their biggest dreams. 

The Foundation Pillars

Vijay Kumar Mishra works in the entertainment industry as a writer-director. He has written\big films like Kaabil for Hrithik Roshan previously. Raaz Rajput (Rajendra Singh) worked in the entertainment industry as a celebrity manager for 12 years. He has conducted many successful event shows in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi. 

Raaz Rajpoot, Founder of Tamas

Vijay Kumar Mishra, Co-founder of Tamas

Raaz Rajpoot (Rajendra Singh) based out of Bundelkhand and Vijay Kumar Mishra, born and raised in India’s Vindhya region, has brought an app to fulfil the dreams of the competent people of the country. This app ultimately is Made in India. The duo has a deep knowledge and strong rapport in the film industry, which will benefit the talented users of Tamas.

The Tamas Line Production

Hamas is linked with the entertainment industry from actors to singers, from lights, cameras to locations, from properties to production designers, from editing to the colourist, from foley to VFX and from promotion to release. Tamas line up everything. It functions in the entertainment industry in 180 degrees. 

In India, if one wishes to shoot in any corner of the country, then connect with Tamas. They will also provide you with goods related to the shoot, from cameras, lights, vanity vans, helicopters, trains, buses, luxury cars to location. 

Into the future

The company plans to launch its music platform TamasMusic, production house TamasStudio and film/web series Distribution Platform TamasDistribution soon. In which famous and talented users of Tamas will be allowed to work.

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