Tadpole Projects: 1 Positive Step Towards Making Electric Cars Without Making New Vehicles 

Tadpole Projects

Tadpole Projects, How often do we try to find out the pollution control score of our vehicles? Does it really matter to us? In 2023, even our small step or misconception at home can result in an iceberg melting across antarctica. No, we don’t believe it but Jawaad Khan because of his foresightedness and intelligence found an alternative to control harmful gas emissions from our vehicles.In this piece of writing, let us try to find out how modern day approach of Electric Car utility helped him to start a project that will not ask you to purchase a new model but to reuse the existing model in such a way that we could contribute in securing our long term survival.

We’ll dig deep into this interesting concept of ‘reuse electrically.’

Prologue to Jawaad Khan’s innovative idea

Tadpole Projects Pvt. Ltd. took off on 29th August, 2020, bootstrapped for 50 lakhs at the initial stage. And excitingly, it is now valued at 40 crore. The business model that Tadpole is currently enduring right now is, B2B, B2G, B2C. Isn’t it amazing? But amazing does not happen on its own.

Coming from a small town, called Bhaderwah located in the Chenab region of J&K, Jawaad studied electrical engineering in Punjab and pursued an MS (research) in electrical vehicles from IIT Delhi. He started his journey in entrepreneurship from college last semester, solving the biggest problem in the country which is the fight against pollution and successfully providing solutions to the Indian Army as well.

Tadpole retain the driving feel of the vehicle, without changing the transmission. It is a redefinition to your existing car by making it your favourite and nature’s favourite. It aims at providing affordable clean energy conveyance solutions to masses focusing on waste management and power efficiency at the same time “Making electric cars without adding new vehicles on the roads.”

The significant Pioneers of Electric Research and Development

The Company Offers affordable, reliable E- mobility solutions for driving the wave of new technology with following benefits:

  1. Removal of engine, conversion of vehicle into Electric with new range of affordable e-bikes.
  2. Adds 7 years to the life of the vehicle, 2 years warranty on motor and 5 years or 3 years warranty on battery, extendable up to 5-7 years.
  3. Affordable clean mobility solution, easy on pocket and on the environment as well. Inexpensive as compared to diesel, petrol and CNG.
  4. These are emission free, technologically efficient, electrically updated vehicles. A wider range of choices, given that any car can be converted into electric. Customizable range, not off the shelf, tailored to use.

How can Tadpole make a difference in the automobile industry?

Conscious growth is always accompanied by a responsibility towards society, Jawaad Khan morphed into an organisation aware of his responsibilities towards nature and currently, he is impacting the lives of people and bettering the global mindset evolved into a calculated plan.

Tadpole is working on this creative idea to make the audience understand why there is an urgency to switch away from fossil fuels and adopt the recyclable tools to combat the immense rise of pollution levels. The data which got disclosed to Jawaad before Tadpole came into picture was, vehicles contributed upto 50% in pollution rise during 2019-2020 peak months. Not only this, 20 million cars are scrapped in India every year due to a 10-15 year threshold.

Moreover, 2 lakh army gypsy are ready to be scrapped, causing a 23% rise in air pollution itself. All these reasons were enough for Jawaad to take a big leap in automobile transformation and be a master of electrification.

Tadpole- An overall protector of Environmental Issues

Tadpole has initiatives like planting trees, in the name of the engine that was relieved of duty from the car it retrofitted and the planting of trees, when the e-bike bought from them completes its first 3000 km of emission free travel.

It also focuses on spreading consciousness and cognizance about EVs and their sustainability from school students to college students and also from the government sector to the private sector. They are running initiatives like EVAC (Electric Vehicle Awareness Camp) and CSAC (Cyber Security Awareness Camp).

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Wrapping Up

By above analysis, we can rule out that Tadpole is actively engaged in economically rooting up the basis of a sustainable future. It is incubated by IIT Delhi which itself is a biggest milestone to have the trust of an elite institution. This story enables us to believe that Jawaad, being a student, pursued what he thought was right and justified. It is high time for all the citizens as well to realise and react positively in supporting such initiatives which will be immensely fruitful in the coming era.

Tadpole teaches us that we cannot undo the damage done, but we can minimise the risk of losing it all.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the main motive behind origination of tadpole Projects?

The main motive is to make existing cars electric without introducing new cars on the road.

2. What educational initiatives are run by Tadpole?

Electric Vehicle Awareness Camp (EVAC) and Cyber Security Awareness Camp (CSAC) are a few examples of it.

3. When did this venture start and where is it based?

It started in August, 2020 and operates out of IIT Delhi.

4. What is the approximate revenue that Tadpole is able to achieve till now?

2 crore in last 9 months is an applauding amount for Tadpole.

5. Is there any direct link to visit Tadpole’s website, in case of more information?

http://www.tadpoleprojects.com , this can be checked out for further details.


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