Supreme Incubator- A Virtual Startup Incubator Which Privileges Early-Stage Entrepreneurs to Widen their Ideas

Supreme Incubator

Supreme Incubator is an implied startup incubator, established in India. The program empowers specified handpicked early-stage entrepreneurs to grow their impressions through a 6-month program. During this program, they meet the most targeted mentors, investors, and partners in their industry while also heeding regular workshops and hands-on advisory sessions to pave the way for a profitable startup. Furthermore, each startup amasses various complimentary services through global partners, along with six months of available office space in a premium location in New Delhi. The program is now inaugurating an associate for fin-tech startups to get mentorship, infrastructure and networking with financial institutions, dedicated, experienced advisors and investors.

Sisters Tanvi Singla and Disha Singla established Supreme Incubator to help entrepreneurs in Tier-II, III, and IV cities in India, not just in their home base of New Delhi. The incubator has now taken off virtual and is targeting overseas startups as well. Eight startups have already graduated, with 12 more in the channel.

The challenges overlooked by startups in India, how Supreme Incubators help bridge the gap?

Key challenges of this program are lack of network access, personalised support, and precinct in community reach. Startups from Tier II/III/IV cities aren’t always able to as readily access the startup systems as their metro mates. Supreme Incubator is a location-agnostic virtual program, with the majority of our founders joining from Tier-II, III, and IV cities in the country. Through the networking opportunities in the programme, the founders can assemble strong links with industry leaders around the world, while making their endeavours in their cities. In the development of the commonly available structured programmes of three/six/nine months, startups strive to personalised support and 1:1 regular practice to improve their success. They focus on a custom-made approach for each enterprise, with founders in their companions coming from different backstories, views and visions. They create strong one-to-one relationships with each founder to chart the way that works best for them.

“At Supreme Incubator, we fuel the hustle of the startup founders through our structured entrepreneurship booster program. Spread over six months, the program goes hand in hand with the founders’ journey, coaching them in mitigating challenges and building successful products,” said Disha Singla, Co-founder of Supreme Incubator.

The Selection Norms for Startups in SI

Supreme Incubators look for mission-driven founders. They look for early-stage founders who are genuinely enthusiastic about their ventures and steered to take a customer-based approach to unravel critical problems. 

They seek dedicated teams, who ideally are internally self-sufficient in building an MVP, and have a strong reason to be doing what they are doing. On average, the startups incubated in these programmes have been working on their ventures for a year. They have created an edition of their product with some level of confirmation with customers. This only is an average, and they have had startups in the past on the opposite ends of the scale from idea to revenue making. The underlying criteria are focussed on teams primarily, and market and opinion, second.

With the programme now being delivered virtually, founders from any corner of the world can apply and get access to mentors, resources, investors and an inspiring peer community. With this, they intend to broaden this support to founders who are building solutions in places with under-developed startup ecosystems. The application process is very straightforward, and anyone can apply and be notified of the next opening cohort for which their application would be considered.

The program of Supreme Incubators has received great reach with over 100 applications in the first companion (Winter 2020) and 350+ applications in the second companion (Summer 2020). Nowadays, more than 600 entrepreneurs have pertained to the program. Their purpose is to make India as the crossroad for entrepreneurial aid, and for founders in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities to get the same level of networking and support opportunities as their counterparts in metro cities.

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