SuperZop- An Agri-Commerce Platform is Allowing Retailers to Make an Online Purchase of Agricultural Products


SuperZop was established by Prithwi Singh (PGP-ABM 2007) and Raghuveer Allada (PGP 2005) when the price of internet connectivity in India was still very high and aimed to revamp the unorganized retail sector with its products, benefits, and technology. As a result, India’s agri-commerce industry has endured a significant transformation lately. SuperZop is India’s first B2R (Business to Retail) Agri-commerce platform for Kirana stores that is renovating the unorganised retail sector with the use of disruptive technologies and technique innovations. With it’s easy to use vernacular interface, the retailers can order all their grocery demands with just a click of a button and have the goods delivered at their shop timely.

About  SuperZop

SuperZop was launched by three co-founders who have an extraordinary combination of business understanding and knowledge to build and scale up the organization in this realm. It enables kiranas to place orders through a simple vernacular app interface, gain an understanding of consumer demand, stock up on customary inventory, and offer hygienic and well-packaged items to the end-consumer even in traditionally unorganized classifications, including staples such as rice, wheat, pulses, dry fruits, etc.

SuperZop’s Business Model

It started sourcing the staples directly from seven to eight Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) and a wide choice of mills and food processors. The platform supervises the entire inventory movement and helps foresee demand at the individual Kirana level with its proprietary AI and ML algorithms. Once the Kirana place their orders on the app, SuperZop reviews for quality packages of the staples, and ensures timely deliveries at retail stores through an unrevealed third-party logistics provider.

SuperZop isn’t the only company endeavoring to capture this market. They face competition from the likes of Xlogix, SnapBizz and StackWise. These three companies are building different business models to capitalize on the business opportunity offered by mom and pop retailers. Even with all these companies entering the market, only 0.01 percent of the market is covered. So the opportunity for all of them is enormous.

SuperZop Founders

The Kirana now gets better market linkages and visibility on daily demand and inventory and is connected better with all other stakeholders in the chain. Our app is now available in Hindi too, and that has helped us establish the core value proposition better.” 

Since SuperZop is mainly focused on Western India, it plans to add two more languages (Marathi and Gujarati) on its app to be able to go deeper into the market.

Superzop, a B2B agri-commerce platform for small Kirana stores, has raised Rs 8 crore in pre-Series A round of funding from MS Fund of SIDBI Venture Capital Ltd, IIM Ahmedabad’s technology incubator, CIIE Initiatives and angel investor Gurumurthy Raman. It has a network of more than 3000 retailers in Mumbai. The company aims at using the funds to expand its existing store network with a target to reach over 30,000 B2B customers over the next year and enhance its technology platform, the company claimed.

13,000+ kiranas are now accessing its B2B platform across Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, and Pune. By the end of the year, the startup wants to reach 100,000 Kirana across ten cities.

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