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Sunfox- Focused on Creating Portable, Affordable and Accessible Healthcare Devices for the Future

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Sunfox Technologies is a med-tech R&D lab objective on enhancing portable and affordable medical devices for cardiac health screening and diagnosis. Immediate detection of cardiac aberrations can prevent several untimely deaths such as the 21-year-old friend of Rajat Jain. The sense of this unwelcome loss, made more remorseful due to helplessness, propelled Rajat to do something for this so that no other faceless friend in the anonymous corners of the country would lose another. Rajat along with his brother and a few other friends established Sunfox Technologies, a Dehradun-based startup in 2017. A Research and Development Lab aiming to create a better, endurable tomorrow by cultivating new and reliable technology and providing innovative solutions to everyday problems.

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The Dehradun-based startup is now developing a ventilator, based on frugal engineering for Acute Respiratory Disease Syndrome with pressure and volume controls Rajat roped in his elder brother Arpit Jain as a co-founder and a few friends Nitin Chandola, Saurabh Badola, and Sabit Rawat, and started Sunfox Technologies in 2016 to solve preliminary monitoring issues. Rajat and his team developed Spandan ECG, a matchbox-sized ECG monitor which costs between Rs 6,500 to Rs 8,000. “The device helps people identify heart abnormalities at an early stage,” says Rajat. . . #startupindia #startup #entrepreneur #startupnews #startupbusiness #india #business #indianstartups #entrepreneurship #health #healthtech

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Sunfox Technologies helps individuals and organisations with renewed and improved innovations to be in relevance within the business and up to date with the times. It provides IoT development services for engineering and life science industries. They have developed a portable ECG device, SPANDAN, a device which helps people identify heart abnormalities at an early stage which costs between Rs 6,500 to Rs 8,000.

Sunfox has been granted with motive and praise in equal measure by the Prime Minister of India himself twice on live television for their incredible invention. The startup has also represented India in the World Economic Forum and won several international awards.

USP of Spandan

SPANDAN ECG is a matchbox-sized medical-grade ECG machine which only weighs 12 grams. It is the tiniest, most innovative, and lightweight heart monitoring device that detects heart aberrations with its cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence. It also categorizes 21 different kinds of heart abnormalities with an accuracy of 99.7% in comparison to clinical diagnosis. It is furnished with smart algorithms to comprehend exceptions and deliver the results in comfortable and apparent language for the users.

We addressed key issues like portability, affordability, availability of expertise at the need of the hour, and came up with this solution which can be accessed by the frontline health workers with minimal expertise and by patients themselves,” adds Rajat.

Struggle against COVID-19

sunfox founders

Sunfox Technologies is also assisting by producing PPE kits and are trying to figure out new solutions to fight the Coronavirus. They are also struggling to create new smart healthcare devices. The startup is planning to launch intelligent and portable medical devices for the society at affordable cost and collaborate with other start-ups to expand their business and increase production.

Due to the pandemic, they have already initiated full-face protection kits, and also evolved an intelligent ventilator which is currently under clinical trial. Apart from this, they are trying to create a portable Body Vital monitoring device.

Sunfox has launched SPANDAN at a very affordable price of Rs. 6500 and onwards. Till now, 10000+ patients are screened and 138+ lives saved by early detection.

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