Successful IT Company GraffersID- Increasing Startup Success Rate by Being Their Tech Partners

GraffersID is serving global market leaders. An award-winning IT Company works with a tailored process for Mission-Driven Startups. This successful IT Company aims to boost the success rate of startups by developing user-centric products. GraffersID has been bestowed multiple times for its services, Mobile App Development, Web Development, UI/UX Design and Development.

GraffersID’s prosperity is observed satisfactorily as 8 startups out of 10 raised funding and grew by 5 times. The core expertise in Diverse Technical Landscape has facilitated GraffersID to attain some very challenging projects and solve business-related hardships with ease successfully. Products built by GraffersID have put up funding and received significance on an international level.

The Man behind GraffersID

GraffersID, an award-winning website and application development company, is the brainchild of Sidharth Jain. He is the Founder and CEO of this IT Company which has a mission to turn dreams into reality. Sidharth Jain has won awards like – Most Influential 50 Youth Marketing leader.

Sidharth Jain, Founder and CEO at GraffersID

Thereupon working for eight years in the industry, He witnessed the gap in the startup industry where tech partners concentrated on what is being provided by the client without dealing with their experience or suggesting what could augment their success. He and his team yearned to fasten this gap and become a one-stop solution from inception to funding.

“If life doesn’t give an opportunity, create one” – Sidharth has always believed in it.

Sidharth Jain, with his team, has disrupted the startup landscape by seizing the start-ups from the ideation stage to a successful blastoff. Thus, his tips can help young entrepreneurs in scaling up their start-up. Sidharth highlights that he chose to start up GraffersID to broaden the startup success rate.

The Erratic Assistance

Chasing epitome GraffersID has formulated products for startups with incredible ideas and has seized the interest of the World’s Top Investors furthermore. The computer-literate techies of GraffersID have eclectic capabilities which help the startup community to pace ahead in the market without any hindrances.

GraffersID provides website and mobile app development services to its clientele. They also offer to hire dedicated remote developers for businesses and startups according to their needs. If someone wishes to hire a developer, they can contact them and hire development team for their projects need.

With its young and entrepreneurial team, GraffersID perceives their client products as their own and dynamically develop relevant suggestions in the progress lifecycle. Meticulously, if any of their clients make tremendous progress, the company puts forth that experience to guide the following clients on the do’s and don’ts of the industry, ensuring a higher success rate.

The Idiosyncratic Working Models

GraffersID works on two working models. First, the Fixed Cost Project- GraffersID’s clients share their requirements with their team, and they, in return, give them a rate based on the amount of time required to deliver the respective task.

Second, the Dedicated Developers- They provides developers to their clients on a monthly contract, and they charge their clients every month for it.

Induction of the Idea

As told by Sidharth, during the onset of his career, he worked in an MNC. While working there, his friend founded a Startup and was going through a difficult phase. His friend told him how it had been three months, and there was no traction even after launching the product at the perfect time. Furthermore, his product was not market fit even after six months of the development cycle.

After studying and exploring, Sidharth found that the fundamental reason behind the low startup success rate was the absence of proper tech consultation and technology support. That was the time when GraffersID laid its first stone.

With a notion to help startups achieve the consultation and help they deserve, the team ensures that technology should be the power of startups. 

Business Strategy and Growth

GraffersID stands out due to many rationales. The main would be their hiring strategy. The GraffersID team believes in talent, not degrees or years of experience. The second would be the marketing strategy they use. You might be surprised to learn that GraffersID has no sales team as always; they come up with new marketing campaigns.

In 2018, the company came up with a strategy that targeted potential clients. Few members of their team reached out to them as a nominee and asked for a product demo. After acquiring the demo, the GraffersID team gave them technical feedback and told them about the product’s drawbacks.

As planned, many of those clients asked their team to find a good technical partner to solve that problem. All of their team members pertained to GraffersID. The unique strategy worked, and they turned up many clients.

Into the Future

GraffersID is an award-winning web & mobile app development company that has disrupted a significant market already. GraffersID is putting up forward in the journey and assisting more and more startups with their big goals.

GraffersID is proposed to provide comprehensive technical support to Startups. On that mission, they have worked with Fortune 500 companies, Unicorn Startups, and Market-leading enterprises.

Though their emphasis is still on Startups, they aim to serve the global leaders and enterprises with their innovative approach.

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