Story Of Vedantu Founder: The Man behind $600 Million EdTech Company


We have seen significant changes in many things all through the 21st century so, in the Education model. Truth be told, it is a need of the current period to change the method of education with an evolving world. Additionally, 21st-century schools need an education framework that keeps up and develops the interest of students. The need to tell them the best way to apply knowledge in reality and Vedantu founder took this opportunity and started his EdTech startup. Vedantu is a notable ed-tech startup. Four entrepreneurs and IIT Students set it up.

Vedantu, where Veda is “Knowledge” and Tantu is “Network.” This makes the platform an information network in which any student can get to an instructor directly and empower customized learning can happen at any place and any time. How about we take a look at the motivational story of Vedantu founder – Vamsi Krishna.

Early Life Of Vedantu Founder

Vamsi always has the keen to improve the educational methodology being practiced across the institutes in India. Vamsi Krishna the future Vedantu founder even points out an important fact that parents expect their wards to get the best of the best education, but the same parents discourage their wards from taking up teaching as a career! Obviously, the reason being teaching was dubbed as a non-lucrative career for centuries. The team Vamsi had their task cut-out, bring in the best of brains to teaching and make it a career of choice and not of chance.

Vedantu founder, Vamsi Krishna earned his degree in B.Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. Also, he went to St. Pauls Senior Secondary School at Indore. After passing out from IIT, they decided to experiment with quality teaching. They selected a small village in Punjab named Burnala and started teaching unprivileged kids. Seven out of 11 students were selected in the top IITs.

The team of IITians, tasting their initial success, decided to take this on a bigger scale. So, the Vedantu founders recruited teachers, and over seven years, they grew much bigger. They introduced various academic systems and processes like standardized content and standardized pedagogy to improve and maintain quality. That’s howLakshya was started in 2006, headquartered at Chandigarh, Punjab.

The journey of Vedantu founder from Lakshya To Vedantu

Journey of Vedantu founder from Lakshya To Vedantu

Over 7 years at Lakshya, the team observed a decreasing student interest and teachers becoming less creative and monotonous in multiple locations. So, Vamsi, Vedantu founder and team sat back and introspected. They observed that with the introduction of systems and processes, the effectiveness faded. This posed question that, was the academic systems and processes causing this. All these that are existing in the traditional education system wrong. Then what could be the solution?

The future Vedantu founders want to test the hypothesis, “Can we break all traditional concepts of institutional system and still ensure effective learning can happen. They used technology to create an online platform. was a “classroom on a cloud” model where all students and teachers can come together on an online platform and interact with each other. Online audio-video tools, through which they can see, talk and collaborate in real-time. This is how Vedantu was born.

Vedantu Innovations had its beginning in November 2014. With a mission to ‘Glorify/glamorize the profession of Teaching.’

Vedantu founders develop an online platform for live coaching. It facilitates live coaching classes for 6th to 12th-grade students. The platform is also dedicated to the training for several examinations, such as the IIT foundation. Additionally, online coaching sessions are offered for competitive examinations such as JEE, IMO NTSE.  To offer its support to the 21st century’s education system, the platform allows LIVE interactive online learning among the pupils and teachers. It also offers individual as well as group classes.

Success Of Vedantu

In 2019, Vedantu founders launched the WAVE platform. This platform adopts AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) for personalizing teaching as well as learning for each student and has been developed for making LIVE classes more enticing and engaging. One of the main challenges online education generally encounters is the low completion rate of courses because of less engaging content. This factor has been tackled by Vedantu, which extends its focus on LIVE interactive classes to make its classes more entertaining and interactive for its users.

The lockdown has definitely led to massive growth for Vedantu’s platform. Its number of subscribers has expanded exponentially over the past couple of months across K-12 and competitive exams such as JEE and NEET.

As per the report, presently, with its latest capital infusion, Vedantu is valued at USD 600 million, making it the second most valued firm in the Indian EdTech sector.

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