5 Steps for Stress-Free and Perfect Examinations

5 Steps for Stress-Free and Perfect Examinations

An examination is an evaluation designated to evaluate the knowledge of the student’s skill, aptitude, physical fitness, etc. The examination can be taken verbally, in writing, online, or any specific field whichever is needed. Most students are stressed out before examinations due to their lack of faith to perform well in the exams. If you want to score good so start using these amazing techniques. These will surely help you out in increasing your percentage of 10-15% surely.

5 Steps To Success :

1. Divide and Rule

You surely have heard about the divide and rule policy which was used by Britishers to rule India. similarly, we will use that to rule exams.

  1. Firstly,  Divide the subjects with the days left in your examinations, leave the last two days for the particular subject exam.
  2. Secondly, divide the chapters into three sections that are easy, hard. Super hard
  3. Now make sure your 70% syllabus of the easy section, 20% of the hard section, and 10% of the super hard section must be completed.
  4. Never try something new during these days because it’s very risky at this peak of time.

2. Attack at the Right Place on Right Time

Never study sitting on the bed because the body feels that its time to sleep when it comes in contact with the bed. You just feel lazy and you will not be able to concentrate. So find a place in your home where you are comfortable and do not feel lazy but you are very well able to study. try this for 4-5 days after that there would be some changes resulting you to sit there and study perfectly. Surely your concentration level will increase.

3. Respect the Plan

If you are able to follow this tip it would be a game-changer for you. Divide your routine into three parts: 3hrs-(clear), 5hrs-(can), 3hrs-(confidence).

Whats you have to do is in starting 3 hrs if you decide to complete 12 chapters make a summary of every subtopic. make sure you are easy to understand, write in whichever language you are co, comfortable in .never use hard words  and always do not exceed the limit of 5 lines and write up to 2 lines

With these notes, it will be very easy for you to revise. In the 8 hrs do everything possible you can cover-up. In the next three hours complete the board question paper or selective papers provided by the teacher.

4. 30 – 50 Ratio

According to the recent study if we study less than 30 minutes the capability of mind is underestimated while if we study for more than 50 minutes we overload our brain. Resulting in incomplete vaporization of things learned. Take a 15 minutes break to do something active or productive while these 15 minutes do you feel refreshed to get back at studying.

5. Do this Patiently

Follow a healthy routine where everything is balanced. Take proper naps, take the proper rest, have a healthy meal. Because it’s of no use if you fall ill, everything you have done so far goes to drain.

Keep this line forever in your mind whenever you feel uneasy while giving exam


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