Startup Alert: Most Successful AgriTech Startup to Watch Out for in 2020

Startup Alert Most Successful AgriTech Startups to Watch Out for in 2020 | Karo Startup

Agriculture and India share a special bond. From the bright wheat-loaded fields of Punjab to the breezy rice paddy fields of Tamil Nadu, heat and humidity, mineral-loaded land has supported farming to thrive in India from days of yore. Cultivating is the establishment on which the Indian subcontinent was able to birth its rich civilizations, and now derived from this, the trend of AgriTech startup is flourishing in India.

AgriTech in India has become a prospering field with various startups working with advanced technologies, such as data analytics, AI, and satellite imaging, empowering farmers to increase their yield. Developing at the pace of 25% year on year, India has over 450 new companies in the agritech area. Over the past years, the agritech sector has observed some global and sector-focused funds directly investing in AgriTech startup.

As indicated by the report, as of June 2019, the agritech area has gained more than $248 million in funding, an increase of 300% compared with the past year. With the ongoing rise of the financing, 48% of agritech CEOs, according to the NASSCOM Agritech CEO survey, agree to have the next agritech unicorn in the coming three years.

Out of the almost 450 AgriTech Startup in India, here are the most successful one:

1. DeHaat

DeHaat is a tech-based platform founded in 2012. It provides end to end agrarian services to Indian farmers – directly from “Seed to Market.” Simultaneously, it provides transparency and effectiveness to the Agri value chain while offering ‘Direct access to farmers” to Agri partners – Agri input organizations, output buyers, financial institutions.

Dehaat Agritech Startup | Karo Startup

DeHaat is a one-stop solution for Indian farmers, which offers full 360-degree Agri services to farmers at their doorstep. Farmers get an open door quality agricultural inputs such as seed, tools and manure, customized advice, and market linkage of farm produce through DeHaat. Therefore, farmers experience 30-50% augmentation in their net gain from agribusiness.

About 50,000 farmers are right now working with this AgriTech startup for their everyday doubts regarding input-advisory-output. Approximately they have monthly traction of worth INR 3.5 Cr.

2. Crophunt

Crophunt AgriTech Startups | Karo Startup

Crophunt is an F2B (Farmer to Business) AgriTech startup that is overcoming the barrier between farmers, merchants, wholesalers, and dealers by empowering them to connect digitally and participate in the mass sale, obtainment of Agri items. This platform will be utilized to sell the agri-items faster by guaranteeing more significant profit for farmers and purchasers by removing the middleman and participating in the best quality Agri produce.

The Firm collaborates with many farmers through FPOs selling oil seeds, pulses, rice, different sort of spices, and non-perishable items. The Co-Founder and Chief Risk Officer, Mr. Tanuj Sabarwal, is instrumental in creating and sustaining this startup route before really joining Crophunt and welcoming it on the ground.

3. AgroStar

AgroStar, a Pune-based m-business startup that sells agricultural inputs straight to farmers, has set itself up as one of the pioneers in India’s agritech space, notably after it raised the highest funding for an AgriTech startup in the nation in 2017.

Agrostar Agritech Startup | Karo Startup

AgroStar, which targets to scale its services across India, attempts to take care of the last-mile logistics issue in provincial India to empower better conveyance of services. It has enhanced the deliveries done by its field group (against utilizing a mediator like India Post) to ensure the packages are delivered on scheduled time.

AgroStar has gained access to 2,300 pin codes, which implies over 25,000 villages of Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra.

4. NinjaCart

NinjaCart, a marketing and delivery stage for agricultural produce, raised $34.6 Mn (INR 250 Cr) in a Series B funding round in 2018 to grow to various geographies and multiply down its supply chain framework. NinjaCart is an AgriTech startup that has expertise in the B2B fresh produce supply chain. The organization offers different farmers’ produce to retailers and nearby restaurants. NinjaCart uses an innovative platform as well as the collection, distribution, and fulfillment points.

Ninjacart Agritech Startup | Karo Startup

NinjaCart works in Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad with a group of over 750 persons.

5. Crofarm

crofarm AgriTech Startup | Karo Startup

Agriculture supply chain startup Crofarm, established in 2016, purchases fresh vegetables and fruits straight from farmers. This AgriTech startup has raised $1 million in a funding round drove by Smile Group and entered the business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) space with the initiative Otipy, a network-based stage that connects buyers, resellers, and farmers.

In contrast with existing social selling models for basic food items and fashion, Otipy claims to work at 35% gross margin and engaging networks – women (demand side) who can make Rs 20,000-60,000 every month.

Crofarm has been trying the social trade model in recent months and is now serving more than 50,000 customers through a network of over 500 resellers partners.

6. Stellapps

Established in 2018, Stellapps is an AgriTech startup built up an IoT stage that offers cold-chain management, milk production improvement, and monitoring solutions for dairy farmers. Stellapps Technologies has raised $14 million in one of the largest value funding rounds drove by IndusAge Partners and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Stellapps is situated in Bangalore, Karnataka. The organization’s customers include private dairies and dairy farms working across India, Russia, France, and Nepal, among different nations. At present, Stellapps’ items include other applications for milk production, a farmer wallet, procurement, cattle insurance application, and cold-chain management.

Stellapps Agritech Startup | Karo Startup

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