StartedUp- Unleashing Your True Potential with StartedUp, a One-stop Solution Platform

Himanshu Jain, Founder of StartedUp, launched StartedUp to provide the startups with one-stop solutions for all difficulties that startups face during their journey. He commenced this startup this year and is based out of Delhi.

Himamshu Jain, Founder of StartedUp

Startedup, an end-to-end platform for a startup, provides its clientele with all the utility needs and information to manage every aspect of their startup. At StartedUp, startups can now find the right people for their team, register their company, track business expenses and get their work done under one umbrella. 

The USP of the company is that they have no hidden charges. They offer a fast and streamlined process. They provide easy collaborations with authenticity assured.

They serve verified profiles, and also the services they provide are by skilled professionals.

Induction of the Idea

Himanshu explained that the idea originated from the dilemma of one of his friends who was stuck in fundraising and preparation of its MVP. After completing market Research and Analysis, Himanshu found out that most startups were facing a similar issue. So they decided to unravel it and prepare a one-stop solution platform for startups. There they laid the stone for StartedUp.

StartedUp adopts the best practices and ensures the highest accuracy; their services will cost only a fraction of the startup’s current cost. They can help startups cut down on committed costs and still scale up their operations

Services Offered

From legal to accounting, from commerce to human resources, Startedup draws all the building blocks together in the cloud so that startups can focus on what’s crucial, namely Building Products and Growing your Business. You can visit their website for the average plans and packages that they offer- or can connect with them at 8920665660.


Startups can easily reach out and find all people interested in working with them on their dream project right from Slack.


The company’s formation service guarantees every startup that their company is created the first time correctly.


Having a business and providing business development services have never been so simple. With their premium packages, startups will get unlimited leads to make their sales soar high.


Startups can protect their ideas and can make sure that no one else steals them. Enter an idea in minutes. Patent it within weeks.


Startups looking forward to raising capital for their startup, but haven’t been able to source the appropriate funds, then StartedUp is a service they need!


StartedUp lets you open the door to the world of Professional Bookkeeping with their services and business packages.


They offer Web development for any business organisation. They create practical, functional and user-friendly websites that look tremendous on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.


StartedUp offers a Business plan and financial preparation service to entrepreneurs and growing companies worldwide. 


They provide high-quality digital marketing services to businesses to improve their online sales and visibility. They have the solution for every startup business.

Startups can even raise funds worth 100cr from promising investors and can also get connected to great mentors. 

Into the Future

Currently, StartedUp is solely bootstrapped by the founder. The company of 10+ members aspires to become a flourishing one-stop solution provider across Pan India.  With so many newcomer startups in India, the competition in the market is elevated. Enters StartedUp that offers business owners high-quality services at the most affordable prices. They offload their work on them and focus on their core strength. 

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