Started by Bihar Boy, Rs. 5,000 Crore Agritech Startup “Dehaat” has made 1,274 Crores Revenue in FY22

DeHaat is a platform led by technology which offers end-to-end agricultural services to Indian farmers with an aim to improve Indian agriculture efficiencies. The platform connects with small farmers for their various needs, such as seeds, equipment, market linkage, etc. through a large number of micro-entrepreneurs who are well-trained. Farmers register themselves and get the inputs they require. Subsequently, they get customized crop reminder calls in the local language as well as crop monitoring support from the same DeHaat micro-entrepreneur. Lastly, they sell the farm produce directly to institutional buyers. 

Company Highlights: DeHaat

Company Name- Dehaat
FoundersAdarsh Srivastava, Amrendra Singh, Shashank Kumar, Shyam Sundar Singh
Dehaat Startup Highlights

Business Model of Dehaat

DeHaat’s business model is based on the franchisee concept, where the micro-entrepreneur invests money in the purchase of agri-inputs and also serves as the delivery centre for the input products. Incentives are also provided to the micro-entrepreneurs for achieving the set targets. 

Dehaat Founders Story

Started in 2012, Shashank Kumar a son of a farmer who graduated from IIT Delhi took the initiative to start this company which achieved a huge milestone in 2021 by raising Rs. 90 crores in funding. 

What Makes DeHaat So Unique?

DeHaat solves the difficulties that every farmer faces. There are only 5 biggest needs that a farmer has, and all of them are solved by DeHaat

  1. Outputs- The company connects farmers with consumers directly to get a higher amount of money.
  2. Advisory- They advise on technological advancement for farming.
  3. Inputs- They provide seeds and fertilizers at affordable prices with proper testing.
  4. Finance- The company connects farmers with banks that give them loans with low-interest rates.
  5. Insurance- The company connects the farmers with the insurance sector of banks as agriculture depends completely on the climate.

DeHaat Future Plans

DeHaat has boarded 2,000+ agribusiness institutions, including input manufacturers, FMCG players, banks, insurance partners and bulk output exporters, offering them direct access to farmers to drive efficiency and transparency. The company has also been ahead of the curve in consolidating the sector with as many as six M&As under its belt, the latest being twin acquisitions YCook India Pvt Ltd and FieldFresh Foods aimed at tapping into the global economy for Indian farmers.

To make the platform better for farmers, the company is working on extending its network to more than 2,000 rural retail centres, reaching 1 million+ farmer and automating the supply chain and developing more data analytics.


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