SpotKwik: A Social Commerce Startup Building the New Shopping Experience


You must have experienced online shopping. If not yet, you must have thought about that but stopped. Most importantly, in both cases, either you check the reviews, or you put the fate of your shopping experience in the hands of the strangers. Many-a-times after a long wait you become disappointed after receiving the product. Even online reviews can’t be considered genuine; mostly, they are to gain good product ratings. All you want is to read accurate reviews and receive advice for the product you wish to buy. Isn’t it? So, meet a social commerce startup SpotKwik that helps you get both.

SpotKwik is an AR-based social shopping platform, bringing the trial room experience to the small device in your palm. The startup is based in Bengaluru and aims to bridge the gap between offline and online shopping experiences with deep tech solutions and community-based feedback.

Meet the founders

The startup was set up by Mithun Adith and Anusha Sundar, both of whom are alumni of KSR College of Engineering. Hailing from Erode, a town in Tamil Nadu, Mithun Adith has worked with Stan Ventures and Wipro. At the same time, Sundar has also worked with Wipro.

Mithun had two startups and three jobs in one and a half years. Hiring Equations, which was his first venture, was a blockbuster failure. After that, he worked in Wipro. When he left Wipro, he changed jobs twice and worked for HousingMan and Appiness Interactive in search of a challenge. Finally, he founded SpotKwik.

Idea behind SpotKwik

It all started with an online shopping experience of Mithun’s friend Nyra, who often looks to buy something online. Nyra bought shoes from a famous online store, which was not good enough, although the shoes had a 4-star rating and positive reviews.

Mithun realised the problems faced by many people out there like her friend. This incident stuck his mind and resulted in the journey of research to ideation and prototype to execution. And finally, Mithun comes up with a solution that is SpotKwik.

What makes this Social Commerce Startup Different?

So when it comes to what makes this startup different, then there are two most important answers. First one is the complexity of the problem they are trying to solve. The second one is the incredibly phenomenal people in the startup who married themselves to the product’s vision.

This social commerce startup weeds out most of the difficulties associated with the online shopping experience. By leveraging Augmented Reality (AR) filters, they stimulate the virtual try-ons. The fitting sharing is possible with family and friends in groups or individually via an in-built messaging service for instant feedback. 

This startup platform features a community of influencers called Friendflunencers. On an invite-only basis, users can reach out to them for feedback or read their reviews.

This step is to ensure relying on reviews posted by strangers but still get opinions from outsiders.

Besides, the app keeps track of the user’s purchase patterns, and those who buy often are as creators. The startup founders believe this enables influencers and content creators to promote products.

SpotKwik: Growth and Vision

The startup gained 500 users within five days of launch in January 2020. and now has more than 6000 shoppers with an average of 500 recommendations each day.

This social commerce startup mainly focuses on Tier II, III and IV cities in India and Metropolitan cities with affordable and luxury smartphones. More than 70000 transactions happen online every day. However, still, 200 million Indians on the Tier-II market don’t have access to this benefit since no technology intends to bring in solutions at this scale. Therefore, they work towards addressing these underprivileged Indian shoppers.

SpotKwik: Goal and Recognition

For the next 1-5 years, the startup wants to intersect their insights and instincts with technology and art to solve the global and hyper-local online shopping problems.

SpotKwik was selected for NASSCOM 10,000 startups virtual incubation program. This startup is a recognised startup in Timesnext Super 30 Startups India 2020 list. It also made its place in VCbay’s Top 10 e-commerce startups in India’s list..

Think about the last time you bought something online, and you were not satisfied. And now, you don’t want to trust anonymous sources and realize that it’s time to get advice from real people. So, say no more to the bad shopping experience, as SpotKwik is the right place for you.

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